Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Star for Carrie Fisher Idea is ‘Perfect’

Calling Mark Hamill’s idea for Carrie Fisher’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame, which is well-deserved and well overdue, perfect is unfortunately continuing one of the most fundamental divides that continues to plague this country. There’s no doubt that Carrie Fisher deserves to be on the walk of fame, as this is something that should have happened a long time ago. And it’s obvious that Mark Hamill has no love for Donald Trump, whose star he’s proposed to remove in favor of Fisher, but striking out at one person doesn’t solve the issue of giving another justice for a career that was inspirational to so many. It would be perfect if the idea was to continue to widen the divide between individuals, to create and foster the idea that Hollywood is not seeking equality, understanding, tolerance, and the unity that they seek to promote. But if that’s the idea that Hollywood wants then it might be time for the final curtain to fall and another system to be put into place. At the very least, Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb seems ready to create an idea that Trump’s star will remain, but Fisher does deserve to have her place on the walk of fame.

What a lot of people don’t seem to realize however is something that Seth Kelley of Variety writes about in an attempt to help people understand just why it won’t happen at the drop of a dime. The stars on the Hollywood walk of fame are awarded posthumously all the time, but the rules still need to be followed since there is a five-year waiting period it would seem. Since Fisher passed away in 2016 that would mean that her family could petition to have her star placed on the walk of fame where she absolutely needs to be. But the hate and bile coming from the idea that Trump’s star should be replaced is kind of saddening considering that it’s coming from a legend such as Hamill.

His plea for her star in an article by Bailee Abell from Inside The Magic was very impassioned and made a great deal of sense, and in truth had he stopped there and simply asked people to support her name being placed on the walk it would have been fine. But deciding to take things further and include his own personal bias towards the current president of the United States was a bit of a stretch that seems fit to pull something and create an issue where none existed before. Had the issue of her star being added to the walk been left at the impassioned plea and the desire to see her name where it belonged, then it would have been perfect. But whether a person cares for Trump or not, attacking him by taking away his star is not only petty but kind of pointless. The vandalism that’s already been perpetrated on Trump’s star says far more about the ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting’ individuals that claim to favor equality and justice than it does about the fact that Fisher deserves her star.

Plus, Hamill attempting to convince those in control of such matters to subvert the rules and allow Fisher onto the walk early is just one more argument that makes no sense considering that it would need to apply to everyone from that point on. The mess this would create would be horrendous, and something that it seems Fisher would have spoken against. In truth the idea of putting her on the walk is beyond argument since it needs to happen, and in fact needed to happen before her passing. But attempting to break the rules for her and taking away the honor from another individual, no matter how people feel about him, is far from perfect. Mark Hamill, legend that he is and will continue to be, allowed his feelings to take over on this matter it feels, and allowed him to skirt along a very dark place that would do no honor to Fisher’s memory. If that offends someone then so be it, but stripping one person of an honor without any real cause, no matter the arguments that might come from this, is not justified in this case. Trump might not be universally liked, but taking his star on the walk of fame is not going to bring Fisher any closer to this honor in a quick and decisive manner.

As a Star Wars fan it’s hard to say this, but Hamill is a bit off his rocker if he thinks hating on one person is going to honor his friend. This is one of those times when everyone needs to take a big step back and start again in a calm and composed manner, without personal bias being a part of the discussion. Carrie Fisher belongs on the walk of fame, but not at the expense of another.

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