10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marzia Kjellberg

The internet has changed the game for so many people. People like Marzia Kjellberg, for example. She’s a woman from Italy who simply does all the things she wants to do in life thanks to her internet fame. She’s a designer, she’s a businesswoman, she has a huge online presence, and she’s married to one of the internet’s most famous people – though most would never know because he is famous for his internet handle and not his real name. It’s time to learn more about this lovely Italian beauty, and we predict some of what we share might shock you.

1. She’s in Her 20s

She’s still young, but she’s lived a life. She is 28, but she will turn 29 in 2021. She was born on October 21, 1992. She was born in Arzignano. It’s located in the Province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. She’s Italian. She grew up in the area, and she spent most of her life there. She did not move away until she was 18 and met her husband.

2. Her Husband is Exceptionally Famous

Her husband is one of the most famous, most successful people on the internet. His name is Felix Kjellberg, but he is known on the internet as PewDiePie. He’s funny, and he’s reached so many people across the world with his vlog.

3. She is Into Everything

In addition to being online, she’s super into designing fashion, to writing, to makeup, she enjoys reading, and she focuses on video games. She’s into all of it, and she’s not going to focus on any one thing when she loves so many.

4. She’s a Writer

In addition to being all the things, she’s a writer. She’s even published a young adult novel. She is very good at what she does, and she does not appear to allow anything to get in her way. She doesn’t find that she does well with limitations, so she simply doesn’t limit herself.

5. She Emailed Her Husband

She sent him an email to tell him he’s funny. That’s how their romance started. Did she intend to start a romance with him? No one really knows, but it seems she does enjoy a man with a sense of humor. When she emailed him in 2011 to tell him she finds him humorous, she had no idea she’d marry him 8 years later.

6. She Changed Her Entire Life

When she met her husband through a friend, she sent him an email and told him he’s funny. That was sometime in 2011. She thought his work was quite humorous, and they really hit it off. She quickly moved from Italy to Sweden to be with him, and they’ve been together for more than a decade now. They became engaged in 2018, they got married in 2019, and they began dating in 2011.

7. She’s Moved Around

She grew up in Italy, but she moved around a lot in the past decade. She moved to Sweden to be with her husband when they began dating, then they moved back to Italy. They now reside in a few places. They have homes in both England and Japan, and we are never quite sure where they are or where home might be on any given day.

8. She’s A Dog Mom

She is not a real-life mom to any human babies, so don’t start that rumor. She is a dog mom, though, and she’s happy with that. She has two pugs, and she loves them. She also has a hedgehog, which is an interesting choice – but to each their own.

9. She Took a Break

She was overwhelmed with her life and all that she had going on for some time, and she knew she needed to take a break. She announced to her fans in December of 2020 that she needed to take some time off the internet to focus on her life and her family. She did, too. She spent nearly two months away from Instagram and the internet, and she seems better for it now.

10. She’s Very Private

She might share pretty much all of her life and her husband online, but she is someone who still has some sense of privacy in her life. After her home in Japan was burgled in 2019, she and her husband began to keep a few more things in their lives to themselves, and that has been a situation that’s worked well for them. They don’t take anything for granted any longer.

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