Meet The Cast of Billy The Exterminator

Normally when you hire an exterminator you don’t tend to think of taking on a camera crew as well, but Billy the Exterminator isn’t exactly the type of person that handles those pesky raccoons or ants or spiders. He takes on stuff that’s a little more dangerous and bound to bite or claw back and cause a great deal of damage if they’re agitated. It’s interesting to note that he was once a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force and was intent on becoming a police officer at one time. But his aptitude for biology sent him down a different path and eventually led him to become an exterminator. He was even given an episode on Dirty Jobs before taking on his own show. Since then he’s been sticking mostly around Louisiana and has made his way into Canada in order to film the show and tackle some of the most pesky and dangerous creatures around.

Here are a few of the cast members that help him in his endeavors.

Bill Bretherton Sr.

Known as “Big Bill” he doesn’t really go out on jobs as much and seems to hang back with Donnie a lot while his son and namesake goes out to do the most dangerous stuff. It’s assumed that he does go out to help now and again but it would also be kind of hard to believe that with two able-bodied sons that he’d be able to do much more than offer a bit of assistance here and there in order to do what he can so as to help the guys tackle some of the bigger critters that they tend to go after.

Donnie Bretherton

Billy’s mom doesn’t go out on the jobs at all as she’s the dispatcher and therefore in charge of telling them where to go and what’s going on. This role seems to suit her just fine since some of the creatures the guys have to go after are pretty aggressive and don’t seem to come quietly a lot of the time. As one of the main characters of the show she’s definitely someone that stands to make a good deal from her time on screen if the show does well, though seeing how many people know and don’t know about it makes a person wonder how much the family makes from their appearance.

Mary Bretherton

Before being taken off the show as Chris Hodges from ScreenRant reveals, Mary was one of the characters on the show that didn’t always seem like she fit in since Billy has this interesting way of somehow excluding people now and again. But it’s also know that he doesn’t tolerate rumors and gossip all that well so it’s fair to say that Mary’s time on the show ended because she had to be the scapegoat who took the brunt of it when all was said and done. It’s never been fully explained why she left but there have been plenty of theories.

Ricky Bretherton

Some people would claim that working with family is great but others might tell you it’s the worst idea in the world. They’d both be right since having your brother at your side can be something that’s helpful and bound to make the job a little easier. But the problem with working with family is that no matter how much they know what you want and how to anticipate your needs, they tend to get on your nerves worse than just about anyone and it’s been seen during the show a time or two that Ricky and Billy do tend to get irritated with one another. They’re brothers, it’s bound to happen.

Billy Bretherton

The star of the show is someone that carries a lot of interest for some people since his haircut, his choice in clothing, and everything about him seems to be a point of interest for people. Even his attitude seems to be a big draw for those that want to watch the show. But overall this show has become a way for him to not only explain what it’s like being an exterminator, but to give the job a sense of style and flash that a lot of people wouldn’t think was possible or necessary when you’re seeking out troublesome vermin. Somehow though he does make it look interesting.

You wouldn’t really think that an individual that likes to rock a Goth look and a mullet would be into the extermination business from a glance, but Billy apparently enjoys it and has made a successful career out of it. While his show is still running it would seem that interest has either waned a bit or hasn’t built up the way they wanted. It does seem like an interesting program, especially given the kind of animals that are showcased.

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