10 Things you Didn’t Know about Meet the Frasers

Meet the Frasers

Meet the Frasers hasn’t even begun to air yet, and we already love it. If this is the first you’re hearing of this show, Matt Fraser is a psychic who talks to the dead, and his girlfriend is a Rhode Island Pageant Queen. They have fantastically funny families and some of the most oddball, entertaining banter we’ve yet seen on reality TV. This is the show we didn’t know we were waiting for. It has drama, humor, glitzy fashion, and more weirdness than we can accurately describe in this paragraph, and perhaps the whole article. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Meet the Frasers.

1. Not His First Rodeo

Matt has been at this for years. By ‘this,’ we mean entertaining and enthralling audiences with humor and heart. We’re not going to weigh in on the issue of whether or not he’s ‘the real deal’ because this article is about a TV show. What we can say is that Matt has been a working psychic for quite some time, and he’s gained a massive following. Enough in fact to get his own Reality TV show that’s not even about his job per se.

2. Not So Tragic Backstory

A little over three years ago, the South Florida Gay News asked Matt about where his talent came from and how long he’d been psychic. According to Matt, he started seeing his deceased grandmother when he was a child. She would come and talk to him at night, but he mostly tried to hide it from the world and didn’t embrace his talents until he got older. Matt compared it to ‘The Sixth Sense,” except it wasn’t scary because he loved his grandmother. The ability runs in the family because his mother/manager claims to be a psychic as well. Doubtless, that’s a family dynamic that will bring something you don’t see on every show.

3. Forms of Expression

Alexa and Matt have plenty in common other than their heritage and their love. Both of them tend to do a lot of talking with their hands. Their expansive gestures make for very entertaining dialogue. In addition to expressing themselves with body language, and colorful style, these two are the type that knows how to make an entrance and an impression without saying a word. From ‘man Spanx’ to pageant dresses and more, you can certainly see them coming.

4. “I Look Orgasmic” – Matt

Matt and his girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis banter a lot, and they don’t hold their tongues. One look at the trailers for the show will tell you that this show is probably NSFW unless you work somewhere they don’t care about language, and people watching TV on the job.

5. “Crazy Italian Family(s)”

Both Matt Fraser and Alexa Papigiotis are Italian. They say they ‘go together’ and ‘make a nice,’ but in some ways, they also play to the stereotypes of a big, loud, ‘crazy’ Italian family. Alexa’s mother thinks they need to get married already, and both mothers are opinionated, strong-minded women who are likely to instigate more than a little drama with their children on the show. Matt’s sister and both his father and Alexa’s step-father make appearances on the show as well.

6. Hot and Cold Readings

Watching Matt’s work is delightful. He’s handsome, charming, and he knows how to read a room for sure. Dropping in a joke or a word of comfort when it’s most needed is a skill worth having and sharing regardless of any extrasensory perception. When it comes to psychics, there are two things to watch out for when they perform. Hot reading is when a showman (magician, psychic, etc.) has foreknowledge of the subject that lets them create a more personal experience. A famous non-psychic example of this would be Punk’d where the friends of the victim often helped out. Cold reading, on the other hand, is responding to the reactions based on typically rapid-fire banter. Throwing things out to see what sticks.

7. Cameo Craziness

There’s no question that Matt is famous, and why wouldn’t he be? However, if he seems a little too familiar and you can’t quite put your finger on why. You’ve probably seen him before on other shows. Fraser has done cameos on The Doctors, The Real Housewives franchise, and Botched, among other shows. Does that mean Meet the Frasers is going to have some famous reality TV faces pop in now and again? We don’t know, but it seems like he might have friends in the right places for those sorts of cameos.

8. Try It. You Might Like It

Before he landed a reality show to call his own, Matt was working all over the country. He travels around and puts on shows for people all over the country. If you’re already wondering how you can see him perform live, you’ll have to check his website and see if Matt will be in your area. He does accept private bookings as well, though we’re not certain how busy he is with filming.

9. More Drama Than Desperate Housewives

Reality TV can be a great source of drama, but Meet the Frasers is one show that promises to have more drama than most. From laughs to tears, just watching the teaser is enough to get you worked up.

10. Cranston, Rhode Island

There are not a lot of shows that are set in Rhode Island, and perhaps it’s high time that we saw a little more of the small but lovely state. Meet the Frasers takes place in Cranston, a small town that might be their home, but is it big enough for their personalities? You’ll have to watch and see if these big city personalities fit in their small town.

Final Thoughts

We’re looking forward to watching all the unique drama, comedy, and showmanship on Meet the Frasers. It promises to be a wild ride, and we don’t doubt that it will be highly entertaining and binge-worthy. If the trailers are any indication of the action, we’ll be glued to the set every week, and so will millions of other viewers. Will you be watching? Let us know what you think of a reality TV show starring a psychic and a pageant queen in the comments below.

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