Mel Gibson Has 7 Children: What do We Know about Them?

Mel Gibson has seven children with his ex-wife. For years, he was the go-to actor in Hollywood. For the longest time, it seems like he had a rather squeaky-clean reputation, especially for that particular area of the world. The public persona he put forth was one of a devout Catholic and a responsible father. By all accounts, it seemed as though he enjoyed being a father to seven children. He also seemed to enjoy being married.

Somewhere along the way, Gibson started getting into trouble. Things really seemed to snowball when he was accused of making anti-Semitic comments. The media had a field day with it all, and from there, Gibson’s troubles only seemed to get worse.

Before it was all over, he was also accused of beating his wife. Eventually, they did divorce. After some time passed, he was seen with another woman and soon, they also had a child. The problem is that this particular individual accused him of beating his child. This is just the latest drama that is playing out for the whole world to see. However, his ex-wife says she doesn’t believe this is true. In fact, she says he always doted on his children. As such, many people have started to wonder how those kids turned out as adults.

Most of the kids have had some sort of trouble, but in reality, they haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. For the most part, the kids got into trouble for smoking pot and drinking. One was suspended from school at the tender age of 12 for smoking marijuana. Another child ended up in rehab during college, as the direct result of an addiction to drugs and alcohol. With that being said, most of the kids managed to steer clear of any serious trouble. It also seems as though they have gotten a handle on their addiction issues, and all seem to be leading productive lives today.

There’s really not all that much known about these kids, even as adults. Despite the fact that they have spent most of their lives living in California, they have somehow managed to keep a low profile. This is exceptionally difficult to do when you’re related to anyone who is famous, so you have to assume that if they had gotten into too much trouble, then or now, the media would be all over it in a split second.

All but one of the kids are now grown, with the youngest one now being 11 years old. None of them have really gotten into any trouble in quite some time. In addition, they all seem to have at least a decent relationship with Gibson. If he was as bad as some people say, you’d think that there would be more problems there. However, it can be difficult to truly know anyone. Even people who are best friends with someone for years sometimes get surprised. It’s difficult to tell how any of them really think or what they believe, as they don’t commonly choose to share that information with the general public.

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