10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mel Giedroyc

One thing to say about Mel Giedroyc is that if you’re not into British television then you might not know who she is, but if you do turn on the BBC from time to time you might catch her in one show or another as she is a very busy woman that doesn’t seem to sit still that often. She hasn’t made any bones about stating that she does the work for the money and isn’t always in love with what she’s doing, but one can’t really blame a person for this. It might seem odd that a person that works in front of so many viewers would bother to make such statements, but then again a lot of us do things for our paycheck that we wouldn’t choose to do all the time and are still willing to do since we’re grateful to have a job. The truth seems to be that she enjoys her life and what she does, but there are likely some gigs she doesn’t enjoy as much. That’s pretty common throughout life.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. Her career started in 1996.

You might think that she was a late-bloomer and you could be right since not everyone comes to show business when they’re still a kid or an adolescent. Some of the most entertaining people went off to live their lives first and then came to the screen in order to make a living.

9. She’s been part of a choir.

Mel seems to be a woman of many talents and performing with a professional choir is just one of them. It would seem that anyone willing to get in front of a camera tends to seem utterly confident that they have what it takes. Some do and some don’t, but those that do are usually quite impressive in one way or another.

8. She’s been a stage actor.

It seems kind of stereotypical to say that a lot of British actors have likely done their time on the stage, but that’s quickly dispelled by the fact that a great number of actors and celebrities from around the world have done the same. It tends to make a person look just a little more impressive when it’s seen on their resume that they’ve been in theater.

7. She was in a version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This live show was something she took part in 2015 and was likely something that a lot of people were anticipating would be great if not absolutely epic. Whether it was or not isn’t really known, but it’s enough to think that enough people loved the original to realize that people continue to make reenactments of it.

6. She’s been a TV presenter.

This kind of job seems like it can be seen as very important or as kind of a side note to a career since some shows really don’t feature the presenter all that much. It’s the kind of job, so it seems, that allows the individual to think that they’re important but forces them to really stand out and make themselves indispensable.

5. Her TV career has been more prominent than her movie career.

Some people just find their niche and stick to it for the most part. She’s done both film and TV but it does seem as though she’s been more fond of her time on TV as she’s been around there longer.

4. She’s 50 years old.

Mel is looking good for being five decades old and it could be that she stays active enough and takes care of herself when it comes to her health. The more one takes care of their body the longer it lasts after all, and a lot of celebrities have taken this to heart.

3. She’s been known for her comedic act.

Mel likes to be a funny woman as well and those in Britain and the UK have watched her comedy and been highly amused. The level of talent she possesses for various acts that she can perform is just amazing since some people can diversify to some degree but usually come up short in one way or another.

2. She’s the youngest of four children.

It doesn’t matter how old your siblings get, if you’re the youngest then you’re bound to be treated like it for the rest of your life. You might grow out of being ‘the baby’ of the pack, but you’re still bound to be reminded of the pecking order now and again, if only because those that come first sometimes want to keep hold of that seniority.

1. She’s British.

Some people actually think that British humor is a bit dry but to be honest Mel is quite funny and while British humor is slightly different it’s still quite entertaining. One just has to open their mind to different cultures to really enjoy the entertainment they have to offer.

She does seem like a very busy woman.

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