Melrose Place 1.05 “Canon” Recap

Tonight’s Melrose Place was all about friendships and how easily they can be broken. But if the previous Melrose Place is any indication, the close-knit residents will be at each other’s throats on a daily basis really soon.

It’s Ella’s Birthday and She Will Be A B… If She Wants To…

Ella awakes to a closet that would make Carrie Bradshaw either beam in pride or die in shame of her own collection. But it’s Ella’s birthday and she has to look right. But her birthday is quickly tarnished when she finds Detective Rodriguez (guest star Nicholas Rodriguez) and his partner in her office. At the police station, Ella is questioned about her whereabouts the night of Sydney’s murder, because her alibi with David has been shot to hell by a security photo of her behind Coal with a man named Dante Zeretti, a PI for WPK. With Caleb breathing down her neck about WPK’s image being tarnished by her questioning and Zeretti not returning her calls to sync up alibis, Ella still gives good face for her birthday party later that night.

Which is when Zeretti shows up to talk.

During the conversation, we find out that Ella sent Zeretti to Sydney’s apartment the night of the murder to get any information that Sydney had on Ella and some info on Sydney for good measure. Zeretti thinks that Ella killed Sydney and is trying to plant the murder on him, because when he got to the courtyard Sydney was already dead.

Detective Rodriguez accosts Ella the next day, because Zeretti told them that Ella planned to frame them. Rodriguez tells Ella that he can’t wait to bust her ass for the murder.

Talk about the worst birthday ever…

Jonah, David and the Missing Family Jewels

Jonah shows David his latest video gig, which involves recording high profile homes for sale and making DVDs of them. David spots a very expensive necklace on one of the DVDs and the gears in his head start rolling. Jonah goes to deliver his DVD to the broker, who accuses Jonah of stealing the necklace and calls the police. Meanwhile, Ella comes across the necklace in David’s drawer and thinks it’s for her. Jonah overhears Ella telling David about this and accuses David about the necklace. The two spat, but make up the next day. I’m fuzzy of whether or not David actually stole the necklace or not, but I really think he did it. UPDATE: A Maid found the necklace that was lost making Jonah slightly in the wrong. But seriously, how do you “lose” a necklace that priceless for it to be returned in good condition? I still smell a rat with David on this.

Riley and Lauren the Call Girl

Lauren is given a chance by Wendi (guest star Kelly Carlson) to work under her umbrella of prostitution, but Wendi warns Lauren that if she screws up one job she is finished. Lauren then later promises Riley to go help her find her wedding dress since Riley hasn’t spent any time with Lauren in the last few weeks. Of course, Wendi calls Lauren for a date during the time of the scheduled shopping trip. The guy takes his time and Lauren misses the date with Riley, who is miffed. Riley later tells Lauren that she wants Lauren to be her maid of honor, and Lauren accepts, despite the fact that Wendi will be calling on her a lot now since she was a hit with her first john. I wonder how this will play out.

Auggie and The Crazy Violet Moment of the Week

With Marcello out of town, Auggie is in charge and he helps a female bartender, who is also a fellow AA member. Violet comes in and sees a harmless intimate exchange between Auggie and the bartender and her eyes go crazy. This is Sydney’s daughter all day long, yall. So when the bar counts down and realizes that they are short seven hundred dollars, Violet does an elaborate stunt and pushes the bartender’s purse on the floor, exposing the missing cash. Not only did Violet get the girl out of the way, but she also got the girl’s job as well.

Flashback of the Week: Ella

Ella flashes back to when she first met Sydney and we find out that Sydney was a client with WPK and got Ella hired there. Ella ended up being Sydney’s publicist, but when Sydney’s art gallery event went bust and Ella told David about Michael, Sydney went on the rampage against Sydney. One of the best lines of the night was when Ella gained confidence and Sydney called her out on it saying, ‘Oh, look who has grown out of their Uggs and into their Manolos!’

Classic Sydney!

See you next week!

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