Melrose Place 1.08 “Gower” Recap

MELROSE PLACENow let’s mosey on down to Melrose Place where childish antics are a thing of the past for these tantalizing tenants as they now have to deal with either being a murderer, an accessory to a murder, a prostitute, or certifiable compared to high school drama. Being a grown up is hard work these days, but the residents of MP are pros as we will see during sweeps. So let’s get started!

Money Can’t Buy It. Oh, Really?!

When a WPK client O.D’s on drugs, Caleb orders for PR damage control and has Ella be his right hand man. When Caleb reveals that the client is at ULA Medical, Ella knows that she has a surefire win in this debacle since Lauren is a doctor there. When Ella arrives, she checks to see if the guy is OK and if he has any type of medical allergies. She also pages Lauren and when Lauren gets there, Ella asks for her to change the admitting records from drug overdose to allergic reaction to penicillin to save the client’s “Jonas Boy”-like image. Lauren disagrees and refuses to do such an act. Ella offers Lauren about a couple of g’s, but Lauren stays firm in her decision.

Ella reports back to Caleb defeated, but Caleb tells her that three grand is a slap to someone’s face and to offer Lauren fifty grand instead. Ella goes back to their apartment to talk to Lauren and snoops around Lauren’s bedroom, taking in the expensive clothes and lingerie Lauren has accumulated in the last few weeks. Ella comes across an envelope filled with cash and her jaw drops. Lauren walks into the room demanding what Ella is doing and Ella says, “I was about to ask you the same thing, Pretty Woman!”

EX. CELL. ENT!!!!!

Ella figures out everything that Lauren’s been doing, but Lauren comes up with a lie saying that her father sent the money from poker winnings, a lie that she had been practicing for awhile, because it’s believable. Ella isn’t buying it and makes the offer for the medical records, but Lauren still refuses and says that Ella should know better about jeopardizing one’s career.

Ella returns to Caleb with a Plan B, which is what Caleb should have done from gate. Ella’s plan includes leaking the overdose to the media, because they can control what goes down and not some tabloid flunky who could be masquerading as a hospital employee. Caleb likes the idea and I don’t see how he got the position he is in now. I seriously don’t. Also, Caleb had been calling Lauren a nurse all night, but Ella lets Caleb know at the end that Lauren is going to be one of the best doctors to ever had practiced in the field of medicine.

Get ’em, Ella!

Ella later apologizes to Lauren for trying to get her to compromise the medical records and for assuming that Lauren was a prostitute. But I bet Ella still knows and is just making covering her ass. Either way, Lauren better up her privacy game or she will be the talk of the courtyard.

The Truth Will Set You Free… And Can End Relationships

From the opening scene, we know that Jonah is still having his drink with Kendra (guest star Jenna Dewan) and they talkMELROSE PLACEmovies. Jenna wants to know more about Jonah, though. After he gives her his life story, Kendra moves in for a kiss and Jonah kisses her back. He stops her and reveals that he is engaged. Kendra is immediately appalled and tells Jonah that he needs to find out if he wants to go through the marriage instead before it’s too late.

The next day, Riley asks where Jonah went and he lies a little, which worries Riley. Then Jonah gets a call from his partner saying that he can’t record a wedding that was booked for that day and now Jonah has to do it. Riley offers to help and after Jonah is reluctant about it at first, he relents. They get to the wedding and set up, but Riley is talking excessively about their wedding, which makes Jonah uneasy. Riley notices and wants Jonah to talk, but he withholds his feelings until after seeing Riley cry during the wedding. He comes clean that he kissed Kendra the night before and Riley is hurt, but then Jonah reveals that he knows about the kiss between her and Auggie. Riley is lost for words, but recovers quickly and apologizes like a kid caught in his father’s stash of Playboys. Jonah lets loose his feelings, saying that while he felt like crap all day about the kiss with Kendra, Riley has hid her indiscretions and it looked like it didn’t phase her. When Riley tries to explain even more, Jonah blows her off.

Back at home, Riley tells Jonah that she ended her friendship with Auggie and that she wants to make him happy. He tells her that he wouldn’t have asked her for that. But Kendra calls about meeting with Jonah for his pitch and Riley doesn’t want him to go, despite it being a big deal with a movie producer. Jonah says that Riley has to trust him on this. They then discuss what they are willing to sacrifice for their relationship, but Jonah says that while he wants to save what they have, he can’t forget what happened. When Riley asks where do they go from there, Jonah simply stays quiet and silence can speak volumes, yall.

Auggie and Violet’s Crazy Moment of the Week!

MELROSE PLACEAuggie has prepped a new dish to compete for a spot in the new menu for Coal. Violet tastes the dish and loves it, but Chef Marcello (guest star Ethan Erickson) tastes it and tells Auggie maybe next time in the worst way possible. Later, the restaurant’s owner, Mason (guest star Rick Fox, The Game, Dirt, ex-LA Laker) arrives to test out some new dishes. Marcello becomes an ass kisser and caters to everything Mason wants. When Mason doesn’t like the initial dishes, Marcello pitches Auggie’s dish as his own! Auggie doesn’t say anything, but Violet tells Auggie that what she just saw was “cooking plagiarism”. I don’t know whether to laugh at the line or with it, either way its one for the books.

Later, Riley shows up to break off her friendship with Auggie, saying that her reasons are because Jonah isn’t comfortable about the relationship. Auggie “understands”, but is visibly hurt.

But Auggie’s bad day isn’t over. Marcello jumps down his throat about making the dish that Auggie created wrong, but Auggie counters that if Marcello had of kept the same sauces that Auggie made, then it would be fine. Marcello berates Auggie for his insolence and starts talking candidly about Riley, who Marcello saw Auggie talking to earlier. Auggie gets pissed and kicks Marcello’s ass in his own kitchen.

Back at MP, Violet brings Auggie’s knives and tells Auggie that Marcello had it coming. Auggie says that he doesn’t know what happened and that he lost control. When he realizes that he is talking to Violet, he tries to spare her his problems, but Violet is not having that nonsense and tells Auggie that she is there for him and that he can tell her anything. The two then kiss and make whoopee and I bet Violet is one happy camper.

Oh and Violet’s Crazy Moment This Week?

She was sane. How crazy is that?

Who The Frak Killed Sydney?!?!?!

While getting his groove on with another random female, David gets a visit from Detective Rodriguez, who is the Buzz Killington of Melrose Place, people. Detective Rodriguez tells David that he knows that David’s alibi with Ella on the night Sydney died is a lie and that David better come clean against Ella or else. David claims that he knows the Ella didn’t do it and hates whoever did it David then flashes back to when he first met Sydney.

Flashback 1

While David cries over his mom’s grave, Sydney approaches him and tries to calm his nerves by saying that she was dealing with her father’s death and that he was buried in the same cemetery as David’s mother. She then offers to take him to breakfast, which ends up being served in between the sheets if you catch my drift.

Det. Rodriguez wants David to come clean, but David stays firm by his story. Then Det. Rodriguez threatens to dig into how David can afford his affluent lifestyle since he and Michael are on bad terms and can’t possibly be getting money from the trust fund.

David visits Ella at work and demands for her to come clean on her lie about being with a married client. Ella confirms that what Rodriguez said about her hiring an private eye is true and that she could be an accessory if the PI killed Sydney. David tells Ella again that the PI didn’t kill Sydney and he knows it. When Ella prompts him to reveal how he knows this, he tells her that he blacked out and that Ella knows how he gets when he blacks out. He then flashes back to another night with Sydney.

Flashback 2

David confronts Sydney about sleeping with Michael and using David to get back him for not staying with her. David calls Syd out on trailing him and lying to get into his life and calls her a whore, which prompts Sydney to slap the crap out of him before calling him a spoiled brat.

Ella asks David if he thinks that he did it and David only answers that he has no clue.

Later, David drives to an empty construction site and has the final flashback of the night.

Flashback 3

David awakes in Sydney’s bed the night of the murder, bloody and holding the knife that killed Sydney. He calls for Sydney and sees the apartment a hot mess and bloody and spots Sydney face down in the pool, dead. David takes the knife and drives to the construction site and buries the knife there.

David hops out the car and goes to the construction site and digs for the knife.

But he doesn’t find it.

At the police station, Rodriguez is looking over his suspect board on the Sydney Andrews murder and his partner brings in the knife that a construction worker found. The knife’s blade matches the cuts on Sydney’s body and Rodriguez orders a scan on the knife, pronto.


Mail Call

– Unless you’ve been under a rock in terms of Melrose Place behind-the-scenes drama, then you would know who could have possibly killed Sydney, but why would they plant the knife on David while he was sleep? As if David stabs Sydney, never disposing of the knife before going back to bed. I don’t see why David didn’t think about that, but oh well…

– Auggie and Violet finally hooked up. It’s sad to see that they finally got a decent storyline together and now they are both outta here next year. We will cherish their characters while they last.

Only one more episode before Amanda returns! Are you excited? God, knows I am!


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