Michael C. Hall Is Back On TV With Netflix’s “Safe”

In the world of streaming services that are quickly taking over the realm of entertainment as we know it, we are seeing many stars and actors make their comebacks and/or are taking many projects that are only available to viewers in this light. One of the most recent actors to make their return to a series is that of Michael C. Hall, who many fans will recognize for his work on the hit series ‘Dexter’, which ended back in 2013. His new Netflix series, which is entitled ‘Safe’, is set to be released on the streaming service sometime within the year, and is getting a lot of buzz already, to say the least. In this article, we are going to go a little more in depth about what fans and audiences can expect from the new series as it makes its debut on Netflix in 2018. With that said, let’s get started.

Premise Of The Series

From what we know so far, “Safe” is going to be the next thriller series to make its mark on Netflix, and will be based off of the works of mystery author Harlan Coben. The series will be an eight part series, and will follow the story of a widower, played by Michael C. Hall, who is raising two teenage daughters on his own. After one of his daughter mysteriously disappears from their gated community after sneaking out to a party, rumors and secrets begin to surface. The show is also set to star French actress Audrey Fleurot, Amanda Abbington (‘Sherlock’), and Emmett J. Scanlan (‘The Fall’), and we are certain it will be filled to the brim with drama and edge of our seat suspense.

First Look

Although a premiere date hasn’t been released yet for when it is available to stream on Netflix, it has been announced that ‘Safe’ will be the closing night premiere for the CanneSeries festival. The festival is set to take place from April 4th to April 11th this spring, and is also set to coincide with MIPTV, which will be in Cannes as well from April 9th to April 12th. This festival will also include a competition that will involve 10 new and upcoming series that are expected to arrive during the year. However, the actual lineup of shows that will be competing at the festival won’t be announced until March 13th.

From the minimal amount of details that we have seen and heard thus far, there is quite a bit of hype that is surrounding the new Netflix series. With the return of Michael C. Hall, there is already a wide range of ‘Dexter’ fans that are anxiously anticipating the new series, and will love the excitement and thrill that will surround the story line. Make sure to tune in for more details regarding ‘Safe’, including trailers and release dates, as we get further into the year. We, just like all of the fans and audiences out there, can’t wait for the show to make its debut on Netflix in 2018.

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