Michael C. Hall Is Recovering from Cancer

I think this comes as a bit of a surprise for all of us TV viewers, but as it turns out, Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall has cancer. In a statement released on Wednesday, Hall’s agent, Craig Bankey, confirmed that Hall had indeed been suffereng from Hodgkin’s lymphona, one of the least deadly types of cancer. Hall’s agent then went on to say that the Dexter star was making a full recovery, and was “on the road to the successful completion of treatment.

Hall said that he was “fortunate” to have gotten a relatively tame form of the disease, which is in complete remission. Hall’s treatment will continue “as planned,” the statement confirmed.

Hall, who is married to Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter, has been nominated for awards at both the Golden Globe Awards (which will be presented on Sunday) and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Hall plans to attend both ceremonies. He will also begin filming Dexter‘s fifth season on schedule.

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