Michael Phelps and His Tan are the Highlight of the NCAA Championship

The NCAA Championship was pretty lackluster by all accounts.   Congrats to UNC for winning the title but all in all I think fans were a little displeased with how things played out.  I was hoping for a Bill Raftery gem at some point in the game.  Didn’t get one.   The biggest issues of the game were a missed call late in the game that didn’t go Gonzaga’s way and the absurd amount of free throw shooting that slowed the game down to a crawl.  It was almost as if the refs thought it was hack a Shaq time in the NBA.

But if there was one highlight of the game it was Michael Phelps sporting a horribly bad tan.  I mean the tan itself was solid in color but someone forget to tell him to wear sunscreen.  As many know, Phelps bought a home in the desert in Arizona and it looks as though he’s doing a decent amount of training in his outdoor pool.   Too bad he’s not wearing enough sunscreen out there.  Well, that’s what the internet was saying.

Here’s a collection of funny Tweets making fun of Phelps and his farmer face tan at last night’s game:


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