“The Mick” Season 2 Premiere: 5 Things We Learned

Kaitlin Olson’s new show “Mick” just kicked off the second season with the premiere that taught us a few things that we didn’t know. For fans who’ve spent their summer wondering how Mick was going to clean up the mess that she left at the close of season one, she’s on it. Here are five things we learned from the first episode of the season.

1. Mickey’s on a hard luck roll

When Mickey tried to blackmail Barry with photos of him and the escort, the entire plan backfired on her. She told him that she would show his wife the pictures, but she quickly learned that he doesn’t have a wife. It seems that the woman he’s been living with is his sister. He moved in with her after her husband was killed in Afghanistan. Nothing seems to be going according to her plans, but we’re learning that this is typical for Mick.

2. It’s back to Pemberton

We were led to believe that the Pemberton’s and Mickey would end up living in a fancy hotel, or if Barry had his way, in a not so nice one, but that isn’t the case. In the previous season we saw Pemberton mansion burn. Who would have thought that they would ever be able to go back? Although it’s a little on the charred side, and has seen better days, it is still livable. Mick and the whole crew will be living there. This is only possible because of the magic of television, fans. Once again, the family will be planted firmly in the lap of luxury, even if there is a faint smell of smoke in the air.

3. Mickey learns a secret about Barry

Although her plan for blackmailing him with the picture of an escort was an epic fail, she did stumble across a secret that he has been hiding. Her new worst enemy froze the children’s’ bank accounts so they couldn’t touch their trust funds for a nice hotel after the fire. Things were getting out of control with is power trip. Mick knew she had to get him to loosen up and let a little money flow in their time of need. She found out that Barry is gay, but this is something that he’s not ready to share with the world yet, so it looks like she’s got something on him after all.

4. It doesn’t take much to set Ben off

Ben is the most impressionable character on the show. In the season premiere, he caught then end of a televangelist’s message and he took it quite literally. the fear that was lurking in the back of his mind was unleashed. He figured that there was something more sinister pushing Alba to the destructive behaviors that she evidences. He read the bible out loud to her, believing that this is how an exorcism is performed.

5. The writers are all about a fresh start

The premiere of season two was a little different than most television series. We usually get to see some type of a recap of the prior season. This is especially true when the season ends on such a dramatic note as happened with “Mick” regarding the house fire and the loss of all her money. It didn’t go that way at all. The season started with Mick and the Pembrokes’ moving forward as though the writers have a plan and aren’t wasting any time rehashing the past. This was a refreshing approach to kicking off the new season.

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