Midnight Texas: Alright NBC, What Do You think You Guys Are Doing?

The supernatural world, fantasy worlds, as well as the superhero world have become has become a humongous part of our culture.  They’ve only invaded our TV sets but more and more movies have focused on these genres as well.  This doesn’t even include other forms of media like video games, art, podcasts, etc etc.   Nearly every cable network as well as Network TV channel has something in their offering that relates to fantasy characters with some kind of extraordinary ability, or those that belong in a fairy tale or even the undead.   Shows like The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries (now over), True Blood, Gotham, Legion, Legends of Tomorrow, Powerless, are only a tiny sample size of the breadth of shows we have out there.

But if there’s one divide that the networks generally have with each other, it’s the degree of violence and sexuality permitted on these shows.   HBO pulls out all the stops and gets as violent as possible.  True Blood was a perfect example of sex and violence taken to extremes.  When you get to the cable networks, they certainly push the bar.   The Walking Dead is certainly not light on violence and even cursing has found its way into cable TV.  However, network television is still a bit tame.

I think The CW and FOX take some leaps but with regard to the supernatural big networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC are behind.  Don’t get me wrong, these networks are progressive with subject matter.  I mean look at Scandal.  They’re usually one frame away from full out nudity.  Why I do I bring this up?  Because I just saw the trailer for Midnight, Texas and I think there’s potential for a giant fall here.   According to AV Club

Based on the trailer for Midnight, Texas ,it seems NBC is going to try to inject some supernatural ridiculousness into its summer programming. The series is adapted from books by Charlaine Harris of True Blood fame, and the footage promises a sexy monster mash with a bunch of hot people playing the residents of the titular locale. (According to Deadline, there is also a talking cat, who doesn’t make an appearance here, but will surely provoke Sabrina The Teenage Witch flashbacks.) The show centers around a psychic played by François Arnaud who arrives in town carrying with him the biggest mystery of all: How his hair gets so much volume. It truly defies reason. Midnight, Texas is set to premiere July 25.

Here’s my thing.  If you’re going to go all in, then go all in.  Don’t just have a talking cat and hint of violence.  Either you’re going to make this thing happen or you’re not.  I’m not buying this trailer.


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