Midseason 2009 Premiere Schedule

If you’re at all like me, you dread the holiday season for one reason, and one reason only…bad television. Nothing sucks more after a long day of shopping at the mall, and wresting for parking places, than coming home, curling up on your couch, and being forced to watch Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer. Granted, there are some classics I look forward to, but I’d take a Fringe or Lost holiday special over them all any day of the week (and holiday specials almost always suck!).

So, naturally I figured it was time to start talking about the quickly approaching midseason or winter premiere dates of our favoriate shows. A few of the shows just left us a day or two ago, while others have been missing for some time. So take a look at the list, block out some time on your blackberry or iphone, and don’t forget to set your DVRs. January is going to be FANTASTIC!

Sunday, January 4
8 PM1 hrABCDesperate HousewivesSeason 5 returns
9 PM1 hrABCBrothers & SistersSeason 2 returns
Monday, January 5
8 PM1 hrABCThe BachelorSeason 13 premieres
1 hrNBCSuperstars of DanceSeries Premiere
1 hrCWGossip GirlSeason 2 returns
9 PM1 hrCWOne Tree HillSeason 6 returns
10 PM1 hrABCTrue BeautySeries Premiere
Tuesday, January 6
8 PM1 hrABCHomeland Security USASeries Premiere
1 hrNBCThe Biggest Loser: CouplesSeason 7 premieres
1 hrCW90210Season 1 returns
9 PM1 hrABCScrubsSeason 8 premieres
1 hrCWPrivilegedSeason 1 returns
10 PM1 hrABCPrimetimeSeries Premiere
1 hrNBCLaw & Order: SVUSeason 10 premieres
1 hrFXNip/TuckSeason 5 returns
Wednesday, January 7
8 PM1 hrNBCKnight RiderSeason 1 returns
1 hrCWFear is RealSeries Premiere
10 PM1 hrFXDamagesSeason 2 premieres
Thursday, January 8
8 PM1 hrABCUgly BettySeason 3 returns
30 minNBCMy Name Is EarlSeason 4 returns
8:30 PM30 minNBCKath and KimSeason 1 returns
9 PM1 hrABCGrey’s AnatomySeason 5 returns
9:30 PM30 minNBC30 RockSeason 3 returns
10 PM1 hrABCPrivate PracticeSeason 2 returns
1 hrNBCERSeason 15 returns
Friday, January 9
8 PM1 hrCBSGhost WhispererSeason 4 returns
1 hrNBCHowie Do ItSeries Premiere
1 hrFOXAre You Smarter Than A 5th GraderSeason 3 returns
30 minCWEverybody Hates ChrisSeason 4 returns
8:30 PM30 minCWThe GameSeason 3 returns
9 PM1 hrCBSFlashpointSeason 2 premieres
1 hrNBCFriday Night LightsSeason 3 premieres
1 hrFOXDon’t Forget The LyricsSeason 2 returns
1 hrUSAMonkSeason 7 returns
10 PM1 hrCBSNumb3rsSeason 5 returns
1 hrUSAPsychSeason 3 returns
Sunday, January 11
8 PM2 hrFOX24 Premiere Event -RecapSeason 7 preview
Monday, January 12
8 PM2 hrFOX24Season 7 premiere
Tuesday, January 13
8 PM1 hrFOXAmerican IdolSeason 8 premiere
Thursday, January 15
8 PM1 hrFOXBonesSeason 4 returns
1 hrCWSmallvilleSeason 8 returns
9 PM1 hrCBSCSISeason 9 returns
1 hrFOXKitchen NightmaresSeason 2 returns
1 hrCWSupernaturalSeason 4 returns
30 minNBCThe OfficeSeason 5 returns
10 PM1 hrCBSEleventh HourSeason 1 returns
1 hrA&EThe BeastSeries Premiere
Friday, January 16
10 PM1 hrSciFiBattlestar GalacticaSeason 4 returns
Sunday, January 18
8 PM30 minFOXThe SimpsonsSeason 20 returns
8:30 PM30 minFOXKing of the HillSeason 13 returns
9 PM30 minFOXFamily GuySeason 7 returns
1 hrSHOThe L WordSeason 6 premiere
1 hrHBOBig LoveSeason 3 premiere
9:30 PM30 minFOXAmerican DadSeason 4 returns
10 PM30 minSHOThe United States of TaraSeries Premiere
30 minHBOFlight of the ConchordsSeason 2 premieres
Monday, January 19
8 PM1 hrFOXHouse (new timeslot)Season 5 returns
Tuesday, January 20
9 PM1 hrFOXFringeSeason 1 returns
Wednesday, January 21
9 PM2 hrABCLostSeason 5 premiere
1 hrFOXLie to MeSeries Premiere
Thursday, January 22
10 PM1 hrUSABurn NoticeSeason 2 returns
Monday, January 26
10 PM1 hrTNTTrust MeSeries Premiere
Wednesday, January 28
10 PM1 hrABCLife on Mars (new timeslot)Season 1 returns
Thursday, January 29
9 PM1 hrFOXHell’s KitchenSeason 5 premieres
Monday, February 2
8 PM1 hrNBCChuckSeason 2 returns
9 PM1 hrNBCHeroesSeason 3 returns
10 PM1 hrNBCMediumSeason 2 premieres
Wednesday, February 4
9 PM1 hrNBCLifeSeason 2 returns
Friday, February 13
8 PM1 hrFOXTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (new timeslot)Season 2 returns
9 PM1 hrFOXDollhouseSeries premiere

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