10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mike Stoklasa

After the first glance at his bio and after finding out what he does one might think that Mike Stoklasa is one of the best or worst people around since through Red Letter Media he critiques films in a way that seems pretty harsh and yet does so in a manner that provokes a lot of people into tuning in, so obviously he’s not foolish even if he is coarse. That seems to be the name of the game sometimes when it comes to getting your name out there and getting known since those that are too quiet and don’t speak up don’t tend to go that far in life. It kind of seems like a rather harsh way to live when you have half of the people that message you congratulating your efforts and the other half trying to condemn what you’re doing, but Mike takes it all in stride and defends his viewpoints without much if any rancor while he continues to conduct himself as he sees fit.

Here’s a few things you might not know about him.

10. Goodfellas and Ghostbusters are two of his favorite movies.

You can at least say that he has good taste in some movies since Ghostbusters and Goodfellas are two of the greatest movies ever made. Of course when you go into personal preference and what people like there’s going to be a lot of overlap even with those that don’t like the same things.

9. He’s a big fan of science fiction.

He’s much more of a Star Trek fan than he is Star Wars, which is a silly argument really since people can like either one or both and be just fine. The stories are both rich enough and diverse enough to satisfy a wide variety of fans.

8. He likes stories about real-life ghosts and haunted houses.

There’s something very appealing to some people about ghost stories, especially when they’re applied to real-life circumstances that happened at some point in history. The visceral feelings that emerge during the telling and recounting of these stories is something that simply excites a lot of people and gets their adrenaline flowing.

7. He believes that no film will ever fully live up to the expectations.

This is unfortunately quite true since many people walk into a movie theater already have a preconceived notion of what’s going to happen and what they’re going to see. Even if they don’t watch the trailers their mind will still paint a picture that reality will tend to fall far short of.

6. He’s well known for his reviews of the Star Wars prequels.

His reviews were pretty scathing and even inspired one fan to write a 108-page essay explaining just what they thought of the prequels. It’s easy to agree with anyone that a fan that treats a franchise like Star Wars the way they would treat a religion has taken things a little too far.

5. He helped to found and run Red Letter Media.

This is his baby so to speak and he runs it with his friend. This is how he gets his words out and basically how he’s been able to amass so much attention and wealth. It’s not a bad thing really, it’s just a business.

4. His net worth is about $15 million.

That’s a hefty sum for being known for his critiques and for his acting. You can imagine that a lot of people have managed to chime in on his success and on his words in an attempt to make their own voices be heard. And it’s all been making him rise that much more.

3. He keeps his private life under wraps.

For a lot of people in the public eye this seems to be the way to go since it affords them a greater deal of privacy and makes it easier to simply go about their business and do whatever they need to do without anyone wondering just why they’re doing this or that. Given that he’s not a huge name that should be on anyone’s radar it seems kind of petty that anyone would bother asking or checking it out, but then they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t.

2. It’s believed that he’s an alcoholic but he denies it.

With his private life already under wraps it’s really hard to know if this is a true fact or just a rumor that people want to spread for some reason. It could be that those who don’t agree with his critiques could have a hand in spreading such rumors, but then that’s the sure way to lead down the path to paranoia and gossip if one takes it without thinking.

1. He’s very critical when it comes to movies.

Well to be honest he’s been most critical when it comes to the Star Wars prequels, but even that seems to be enough to get him some serious attention.

Like him or not he’s definitely made a name for himself.

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