What Million Dollar Listing LA Gets Wrong About Real Estate

For many ages now, the real estate sector has always been a hub for myriads of investors and young entrepreneurs seeking success in their careers. Reason being, the industry has always been perceived as one of the hot spots in money making and an area where you can never lack profits and a diverse array of investment opportunities once you decide to venture into it. As such, there have been many people who come up with different concepts regarding the matter such as most of the actors and stars in the popular show “Million dollar listing.” For those probably wondering what on earth that is, do not worry because we got your back.

Million dollar listing

It is an American reality TV series which premieres on Bravo based on young real estate agents who try to outdo each other in selling high-end properties in posh estates such as Malibu, Beverly Hills, California or Hollywood. The reality TV series dates back to 29th August 2006 and gives its fans and viewers firsthand information regarding real estate in some of the world’s most high-end estates which are located in Los Angeles. Since its first debut, the show has garnered hoards of fans and has had nine seasons now with approximately ninety episodes each with a run time of roughly forty to forty-five. Although it has been quite successful, the show seems to have gotten some of the things which happen in real estate wrong. That is why we have made it our responsibility to let you know what million dollar listing LA gets wrong about real estate.

  • Most characters in this television series apply their charm, good looks, and business knowledge to attract clients instead of putting to use the core values of real estate
  • For instance, they tend to forget that real estate is a land or any other improvements or additions which are permanently attached to the piece of land. Most of them only deal with the new properties instead of even giving it a try and renovate the old properties. Instead, most of these stars seem to specialize in getting the latest and upcoming projects
  • Another factor which million dollar listing seems to get wrong is that real estate does not revolve on one area. For example, the characters in this Television series direct their focus on the high-end estates only such as Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood among many others and tend to forget that even the other parts of Los Angeles which are not as classy as the latter could also act as perfect investment opportunities. Also, by developing such areas, they will get even more publicity thanks to the impact that they create for the members of the community within the vicinity
  • Good looks and personality are not enough to make sales rather knowledge of how the market works, connectivity and also experience is what matters if one wants to excel in this rather crowded industry. By using the young agents, million dollar listing passes the wrong message to the budding entrepreneurs about how the market structure works

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