The Mindy Project Review: Bridge and Tunnel Crowd

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We welcomed a new doctor to the practice on The Mindy Project this week played by Rebecca Rittenhouse. A female doctor to be exact, because wouldn’t you know the men thought it was time for Mindy to not be the lone woman. Mindy didn’t exactly agree, hence the episode title.

Would I call Mindy Lahiri a misogynist though? No, and she proves she’s not. She does bring Dr. Anna Ziev into the fold and they don’t get along but it’s not because they’re both women. They’re both doctors and human beings above all else and see each other as competition with patients more than anything.

Mindy already lost one patient to Dr. Ziev when she was running late taking the commuter train from Ben’s house in New Jersey via a mistaken Philadelphia detour. Seriously, I kind of blame him because he should have made sure she was on the right side of the train tracks where he dropped her off. I cracked up at Mindy’s lame attempt at a “you’ve got a bridge, I’ve got a tunnel” joke. She’s slowly but surely coming around to the charms that New Jersey has to offer. The way this show depicts suburban NJ life isn’t as bad as How I Met Your Mother at least. They really bashed Stella for trying to sway Ted away from New York!

In an otherwise mediocre episode, Mindy happened to meet Ben’s daughter, Lindsay. She only knows her because Ben talks about her a lot and she’s eaten all of her pudding, but she does seem to be a very wise young lady. I think Mindy could learn a lot more from her and maybe vice versa.

The Mindy Project Season 5 Episode 4 Review: “Mindy Lahiri is a Misogynist”


Mindy agrees to hire Dr. Anna Ziev when the other doctors agree they could use another female doctor in the practice. Meanwhile Mindy’s relationship with Ben progresses.

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