Mini Recap – Desperate Housewives 6.07 “Careful The Things You Say”

Sorry, sorry, SORRY for this week long delay in this recap. Life went hectic, other stuff came up, and my internet service sucks so please forgive me!

But last week’s lesson on DH dealt with what you could learn from a book, but I think common sense is what the doctor needs to prescribe for the denizens of Wisteria Lane.

Ghosts of Susan’s Past

Susan follows up on Angie’s advice about Katherine possibly being Julie’s strangler. When she and Mike go to the police of Fairview, who I think are the most incompetent police force in history, the officers don’t buy her story. But Detective Denise Lapera (guest star Kathy Najimy) decides to take the case, because she and Susan “go way back”. But Susan doesn’t remember. When Susan finally finds out who the woman is, she still doesn’t recollect the connection. But after sending Det. Lepara over to Katherine’s to investigate and looking through her yearbook, the revelation smacks Susan in the face.

Susan ruined Det. Lepara’s life in high school by giving her the nickname “Moose”. Damn shame.

Susan fears that Katherine and Det. Lepara will bond over their hatred for Susan. While Susan is half right, Det. Lepara tells her that Katherine was on the phone with Dylan the entire time and that the phone records proved it. Plus, Katherine let slip about the shot heard around Wisteria Lane that never went reported, which is a crime. Lepara then gleefully throws Susan in jail. HA!!!

Gaby Wins Desperate Housewife of the Year

Gaby’s trying to give her all in the homeschooling department, but Juanita is so not helping. So Gaby asks Carlos to get a tutor for Juanita since she can’t both teach Juanita and clean the house at the same time, the latter which she would rather be doing. Carlos says that Juanita needs her mother to teach her and gets a maid instead. Carlos has officially landed on my ‘Ish List. While schooling Juanita one day, the maid reveals that she in fact has a master’s degree from a prominent university overseas, but that it doesn’t mean squat in the United States. Gaby asks for the lady to help Juanita instead of cleaning. Carlos notices the house not getting any cleaner and fires the maid, but Gaby goes to the maid’s new job and asks her to tutor Juanita, while she does the maid’s job. If that doesn’t spell a desperate housewife, then I don’t know what does, because Gaby’s doing everything in her power to cater to Carlos and Juanita’s issues. Gaby is hurt when Juanita doesn’t want to go get ice cream with her, which she fills Carlos in on after he can’t see why Gaby can’t teach Juanita herself. He says that he will get Juanita a tutor to save the relationship between mother and child.

Bree’s Snobby Reappears

Bree and Orson attend a dinner date with Angie and ‘Nic Bolen, but Bree isn’t too fond of Angie and thinks the night will be a disaster. While it was not an absolute disaster, Nic asked Bree if she needed help with the catering business, but Bree declines. ‘Nic tries to push the subject, because he thinks Angie could use the job since Orson and Bree fawned over Angie’s dinner. Nic doesn’t stop and Angie gets pissed off. Later, Bree talks with an Italian couple about catering an event for them, but nothing on Bree’s menu is up to par for them. Bree then remembers the dish that Angie cooked for her and Orson the other night and makes a promise to the Italian couple that she can make that dish. Problem is that the dish has a secret family recipe that Angie is not ready to up for anyone. Then Bree lies that she had a friend who was burned in a fire and loves the dish that Angie cooked, which warms Angie’s heart into releasing the recipes. When Angie stops by to see how Bree is coming along she finds the dish made for 500 people, not one burned victim. Angie snaps and lets Bree know what she thinks of her, before taking her recipes and leaving. Later, the women reconcile when they realize that their differences are not so “different”. Angie agrees to work for Bree afterwards.

Lynette and Julie: Part Deux

Julie has been having nightmares of her strangler, so it doesn’t help when Nic stops by one day and tries to reconcile with Julie. Lynette, unknown of what she is about to step into, just so happens to stop by Susan’s house and hear Julie and Nic arguing. When she questions Julie, the truth comes out and it wasn’t what Lynette wanted to hear, because she will have to tell Susan after the pregnancy scare. Julie begs for Lynette to not tell Susan, and Lynette agrees and says she will deal with Nic herself. When she confronts Nic about the affair and to leave Julie be, he threatens that if anything comes out about the affair that Lynette will be sorry. But this is Lynette Scavo, dammit, and you do NOT threaten a defiant woman like her. She immediately tells Tom that she thinks she knows who strangled Julie. When Tom and Lynette invite Julie over to tell her what they think, Julie is in denial and doesn’t think Nic could be so cruel. Lynette and Tom go to the police with their information

Later that night, Nic returns home and Angie tells him nonchalantly about her day and that the police called to question him about Julie’s attack. Nic tries to play dumb, but Angie reveals that she had in fact known about their affair for weeks, but decided to let it slide, because of the hell she has drug Nic through. When asked if they were cool, Angie serves a blood gushing punch to Nic’s nose. I think they’re even.

So what do you guys think will happen? I guess half of you know as you are watching this week’s episode right now as we speak. See you in a few hours!

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