Mini Recap – Glee 1.4 “Preggers”

Kurt recreates Beyonce’s single ladies video, complete with unitard and backup dancers, only to be caught by his homophobic father. In an attempt to cover, he lies that he’s the new kicker on the football team. Kurt’s father is more than willing to believe that a sequined unitard is the new jock-chic, and shows pride for his boy, likely for the first time since he hit puberty. Looks like Kurt might have to put more into this charade than he planned. He does indeed show up to football practice, with an assist by Finn. Kurt, with enviable confidence, shakes his booty to Beyonce and boots the ball straight between the posts. He gets the job. Kurt and Finn even convince the football team to use dance to learn to loosen up and work as a team…which results in an on field Beyonce dance fest in full pads and helmets that must be seen. The distraction gets the team its first touchdown, and Kurt scores the game winning extra point. Emboldened by his victory, Kurt tells his dad he’s gay. He clearly underestimated his dad, who’s known since he was 3 and tells him he loves him just as much. Aww!

Sue now has her own local television new segment, and uses her first appearance to advocate caning. An executive from the station is concerned that the cheerleading team is losing talent to glee club, and hints that if her team doesn’t win Nationals, she’ll lose her celebrity status. She enlists Sandy’s help and lands him the school’s Arts Administrator position (she bribes the principal with an embarrassing Mumbai Air ad he starred in) in exchange for his help in luring Rachel away from Glee club.

Will gives Tina a solo that Rachel had her heart set on, and Rachel is convinced Will is trying to get back at her. ‘The more times she storms out of rehearsal, the less impact is has.’Agreed. Rachel is more than happy to drop Glee club for the lead in Sandy’s production of ‘Cabaret’over the snub. The club’s not shrinking, though, since Puck and 2 other football players join up.

Finn finds Quinn crying in the hallway. She tells him she’s pregnant, a product of a hot tub make out session, even though their swimsuits were on. (Though he buys the story, clearly Finn is NOT the daddy. That honor belongs to best friend Puck.) Finn confides in Will, who shares it with Teri, who looks more evil by the second plotting a way to get Quinn to give her the baby so she can keep up her charade past 9 months. Teri, rightfully, believes the fake-pregnancy is the only thing keeping Will married.

Your Music For the Evening

Multiple rousing dance routines to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

Rachel ROCKING Celine Dion’s ‘Taking Chances’

Tina’s sweet and clear ‘Tonight’from West Side Story

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