MMA Tough Guy Chuck Liddell Talks ‘Dancing With the Stars’

I can’t recall EVER praising the casting choices for Dancing With the Stars, but I’m about it. Bringing UFC tough guy Chuck Liddell to the dance floor is downright inspired on both sides of the deal. For ABC, let’s face it – MMA is the height of the ‘tough guy’ market, so this is them breaking a plateau. Sports fans of various genres will no doubt argue this with me, but Liddell is the toughest most manly man the show has ever seen. From Liddell’s side of things, it’s a chance to heighten appreciation of MMA as a scientific sport, one that is – against conventional wisdom – driven by grace and exquisite physical timing. If his head is in the right place, Liddell could use his super-human physical self-awareness to go far in the competition.

For Liddell, though, joining the Dancing With the Stars competition may bring him a second lease in his MMA life. UFC Boss had imposed retirement on Liddell after a particularly brutal loss early this year. According to Liddell’s people, he’s far from done. Maybe his participation on Dancing With the Stars will awake some Vegas style card pitching… Chuck ‘Twinkle Toes’ Liddell vs…

Don’t get me wrong, MMA is brutal action. By comparison, today’s UFC is quite tame to the early no-rules iterations, and Chuck Liddell has seen it all. So why dance? It might seem like the last thing you would ever expect Chuck Liddell to do. Chuck sat down with his partner, Anna Trebunskaya, to discuss the transition from busting heads to ballroom dancing.

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