Mob Wives Chicago: Watch Cast Profile Videos Before the Premiere

mob wives chicagoAlthough I’ve been entertained by the footage released from Mob Wives Chicago, including the pre-premiere screening that followed the Mob Wives reunion, it’s almost felt like we haven’t gotten a chance to know them. Either they’re posturing in a promo or their dirty laundry is flown loud and proud (with the emphasis on loud) in a trailer, but there hasn’t been much time where the ladies just…talk. A reality show like Mob Wives Chicago has to make you care about the cast (or marvel at how outrageous they are), which is why the cast profiles are so important.

The responses may be slightly influenced by the tone and phrasing of the questioning, but this is as calm and coherent as you’ll likely find the cast this season. Though the videos are short-ish, most clocking in under three minutes, you get a pretty good sense of each woman’s personality. For example, Leah seems like a funny, brassy addition to the cast, while Christina comes off like Mob Wives Chicago‘s Drita and Renee is a flashy diva that’ll likely push a button or two. Of course, putting all five of them together in a room (with alcohol) may produce completely different people from the ones we see in the profiles, but for now, these are your Chicago Mob Wives.

The series premiere of Mob Wives Chicago airs Sunday, June 10th at 8:00 on VH1. You can also check out the supertrailer, cast descriptions, and brief promos for each cast member.

Did you watch the sneak peek of the premiere? Who do you think will be your favorite wife? Can Mob Wives Chicago stack up against the original group of Mob Wives?

On the next page, find out which of the original Mob Wives Pia considers herself most like and why Renee joined the cast in the first place.

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