Modern Family – 1.03 Come Fly With Me Recap

117687_208_preDid you hear? Modern Family just got picked up for a full season which means 22 hopefully hilarious additions will air this season.

This week on Modern Family, it was all about family bonding and some unusual combinations.

We start off the episode with Phil hanging on the couch watching the game as many dads do while their wifes, this time Claire nagging him about taking the garbage out. Then, Haley’s senior boyfriend who we met in the pilot Dylan shows up. Phil wants some bonding with him and time to ask him questions but that does not go to well when he just makes a fool out of himself just how Phil does.

Jay however is having some personal bonding with himself and his model plane. Manny wants to help but Jay does not feel he is useful. However, Phil after Claire pointing out that he does not bond with Jay, comes over to hopefully do just that. Phil helps Jay make the plane, and then take it out to the field and mess around with it. Jay tells Phil to “Thread the Needle,” which means to stand out at the other end of the field with a hoop while Jay flies the plane through it but instead it hits Phil right in the head.

Mitchell and Cameron need to run some errands, and that takes them to Costco. Yes that giant fantastic story that Mitchell feels is an unnecessary use of space. Until he goes inside.

Manny and Gloria come over to hang out with Claire and Luke, but after Alex has a fight with her mom about wearing a dress. Gloria takes Alex out on a girl’s shopping trip. It is often hard to remember that Gloria is actually Alex’s GRANDMOTHER. Wow, Gloria tells Alex to ask her anything which includes some very awkward questions but in the end gets Alex to buy a dress which she did not want to because she wants to be different than her sister Haley.

Mitchell and Cameron are shopping in Costco which Mitchell believes is not a great store until, he finds out all the great stuff it has to offer like “Wine next to the tires.” Mitchell goes crazy buying boxes of diapers, and just a bunch of great but useless stuff you find at Costco.

Claire and Manny, an unlikely pairing meanwhile have a heart-to-heart revealing Claire’s anger towards Alex, and her coming to realize that maybe she needs to let her be her own child.

After Phil’s little accident, Jay carries Phil back home where Gloria and Alex have returned. Phil is really hurt and high on pain killers, and Claire tells her dad that he did this on purpose because he never really loved Phil. Jay says that he finds Phil to be to upfront but nice. Jay knows that he needs to say sorry to Phil and in the process reveals that he really loves him as Mitchell and Cameron return from shopping. Mitchell realizes that Cameron has never got that kind of love, so the big bundle of joy that is Cam jumps right on top. Now that is a family!

Modern Family mixes the HIGH-larious funny with great messages week to week. Next week’s episode features Shelley Long as Jay’s ex-wife. Check back her next week right after the east coast airing for a new recap because I am about to watch that episode tonight.

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