10 Things You didn’t Know about Monogatari

Monogatari is a series of light novels that started up in 2005 but have continued to the present time. It is a very popular series, as shown by the fact that animated adaptations are still be made. Never mind the other spinoffs as well as the other products that have been released over the course of its existence. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Monogatari:

1. Each Title Uses Monogatari as a Suffix

The titles of the light novel volumes use -monogatari as a suffix. Since monogatari means “story,” it should come as no surprise to learn that this is an excellent example of the author Nisio Isin’s fondness for wordplay.

2. See Bakemonogatari

For example, consider the name of the first two volumes, which are called Bakemonogatari. This is a combination of bakemono, meaning a particular class of Japanese monsters, and monogatari, which makes sense because the plot of the two volumes is focused on such monsters.

3. The Protagonist Is Koyomi Araragi

The protagonist of the Monogatari series is Koyomi Araragi. Before the start of the series, he was attacked by a vampire, but thanks to the help of a man named Meme Oshino, he has returned to being a human for the most part. With that said, he retains some inhuman characteristics, with examples ranging from eyes that turn red when he is angered to a fast healing rate that has caused him to have concerns about his eventual lifespan.

4. The Romantic Plot Has Been Resolved

It isn’t uncommon for light novel protagonists to meet a wide range of attractive female characters with whom they have either romantic or pseudo-romantic interaction, which results in relationship paralysis when said individuals can’t commit to a single person. Koyomi meets a number of characters with whom he shares a mutual attraction, but he manages to establish a firm relationship with Hitagi Senjogahara within a relatively short time into the light novel series.

5. Hitagi Senjogahara Was Troubled By a Giant Crab

Hitagi Senjogahara was the first person with a supernatural issue that Koyomi managed to help out. In her case, she had her weight stolen by a giant crab, which meant her physical weight as well as the more metaphorical weight of her emotional attachments. Hitagi undergoes a fair amount of character development over the course of the series because it took her time to recover from the serious personal issues that resulted in her encountering the giant crab in the first place.

6. Mayoi Hachikuji Is a Ghost

Mayoi Hachikuji is an another example of the people that Koyomi manages to help. In her case, she was the ghost of a child who was killed by street traffic while attempting to reach her mother’s house. By reaching the vacant lot where her mother’s house once stood, Mayoi turned into a free-roaming spirit.

7. Suruga Kanbaru Got a Monkey’s Paw

Suruga Kanbaru got a monkey’s paw in more than one sense. First, she received a literal monkey’s paw, which grants wishes influenced by the user’s subconscious desires. Second, the monkey’s paw has grafted itself to her arm, which is why she conceals it beneath bandages. Suruga’s interaction with Koyomi is complicated by the fact that she loves Hitagi, with whom she had a positive relationship until Hitagi’s issues caused her to distant herself from everyone else.

8. Nadeko Sengoku Is a Tangled Mess of Issues

Nadeko Sengoku’s problem is that she is caught up in a tangled mess of issues. For example, she is a narcissist in the sense that she sees herself as being blameless no matter what she does, whereas when other people refuses to do what she wants when she hurts them, that is their fault. Furthermore, even when this selfishness is pointed out to her, she doesn’t actually see a problem with it but instead decides to be more open about it.

9. Tsubasa Hanekawa Was Possessed By a Bakeneko

Tsubasa Hanekawa is Koyomo’s class representative who was possessed by a bakeneko, which is a kind of monster cat in Japanese folklore. Unfortunately, the cat manifests whenever Tsubasa is stressed out by something, which is particularly problematic because the cat benefits from Tsubasa’s native intelligence, thus making it much more dangerous than otherwise possible.

10. Koyomi’s Sister Is Caught Up with the Supernatural As Well

Even Koyomi’s sisters are caught up with the supernatural. For example, Karen encountered a very dangerous bee, whereas Tsukihi is literally the reincarnation of a phoenix.

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