Moonshiners: Hunting Season is Set to Begin Soon


The sleeper hit that people just adore is on tonight, and everyone wants to know what to expect of Moonshiners as it’s back to show the world how illegal moonshine is made and distributed to the world. It’s interesting, to say the least, and many people are just crazy about this show. Last week brought with it a bit of tension and this week looks to be a bit better, but still stressful for the men and women making their shine and trying to keep their families going. We will see just how much Josh misses having help and how he is dealing with the fact that his help is not around. To make matters worse, there is no production at all at Snag’s and things are not looking good for anyone around there.

Hunting season is about to begin, and that means problems for Patti and David in their work. They’re already having enough trouble of their own that more is even worse news for this couple, and they are not looking forward to the onset of hunting season and what it means for business. Add to the fact that Chico and Sandra are off mountain shining, and no one is happy with anyone else right now. The competition in this business is fierce, and there is always something to worry about in this business and all that it entails in the world of illegal moonshine production.

Be sure to check out Moonshiners Tuesdays at 9 pm on DSC

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