More Last Minute “Heroes” News For Comic Con

Need a reason to stop by the Heroes booth while you are at Comic Con? How about a new car? NBC and Heroes sponsor Nissan will be giving away four Nissan Cubes, one a day. Here’s all you have to do to win:

The Heroes booth (sponsored by the Nissan Cube) will giving away four Nissan Cubes (one each day, starting Thursday)! All you have to do is go to the booth, get your badge scanned and you are entered to win. An image is below and attached… come to San Diego for the panels, leave with a car!

In addition to the give-aways, Heroes will be throwing a min-carnival where fans can get a sneak peek at footage from the brand new season of Heroes coming this fall. This is all very cool. but I’m compelled to ask: does it seem like NBC is getting behind Heroes late here? Or maybe I’m just not paying close enough attention. Anyways, here are the details on the carnival:

Heroes will also host its very own carnival (sponsored by Sprint) outside the Gaslamp Hilton just across from the convention center. There will be games, food, a bungee trampoline and many more goodies! Visitors will also see exclusive footage and photos from the new season unveiled there.

Don’t forget to follow our intrepid reporter JOpinionated at our Comic Con News Page for all the updates, including a look at what the Heroes booth has to offer. She will be tweeting the event as well, so be sure to add @JOponionated to your tweet-skein.

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