Mother Earth vs. Mother Ship: Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin Discuss Erica & Anna on V

The first four episodes of V introduced us to two vastly different women from opposing sides who, on the surface, share only two traits in common: strength and loyalty to their families. FBI Agent Erica Evans and Visitor Queen Alien Anna are both mothers who would do absolutely anything for their children Tyler and Lisa, respectively.

Maternal Instinct

Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna with a disarming combination of tranquil confidence and charm, is “really looking forward to seeing the face-off between the two characters, and what will happen. We both have children to protect, and goals for our races and species. So it is pretty high-stakes.”

Elizabeth Mitchell notes that her character Erica, on the other hand, is “very emotional. She’s emotionally connected to her child, she’s emotionally connected to her country. She is not a woman who is absent from that, so that will either hurt or help her. It really just depends on what it comes down to. Anna can do it with no conscience.”

Battle of Wits or Physical Throwdown?

I asked Mitchell about the pending showdown with Anna, and her take is that “it’s hard to know how strong she is; she is the alien queen. So it seems to me there is quite a bit that we don’t see. I have her a little bit on height and definitely on weight, but we’re both very clever women.”

Mitchell adds that “I have taken on a few V’s and, by the fact that they’ve underestimated me, been able to take them. I think that’s the only reason – they saw a woman, they figured they didn’t have to put much into it.” And Baccarin emphasized that “the V’s do not have superpowers, but there is definitely an instinctual power…and a connection between them that you get to see more of.”

Anna’s Plans

During a group roundtable interview, Baccarin told us that she believes “Anna has really noble intentions for her people and is actually a great leader.” Not only will we see Anna form relationships “with people that you wouldn’t necessarily expect,” in these next eight episodes, “you do see her show sides of herself that she never has before. Whether that’s genuine or whether it’s her trying to adapt to human life…that remains to be seen.”

Erica is NOT Juliet

Comparisons between Juliet on Lost and Erica on V are to be expected, and Mitchell shared her perspective about playing two such powerful characters in a row. “Juliet was so still, and I got so much flack for that! And honestly, I never cared because I knew exactly who she was. So to me, I didn’t have to prove one thing or another. I was like, love her or don’t love her; this is her.”

She explains that “Erica is really fun because she’s so much messier than Juliet. She’s not as clean, intellectually. She’s just as smart, but she’s not as clean. She’s muddy. It’s so weird to go from a streamlined…a kind of rage flowing underneath it, to have this person who’s emotional, who’s kind, who’s intelligent, who’s strong. It’s so different.”

“Welcome to the War”

V returns tomorrow night at 10pm ET on ABC with “Welcome to the War,” the first of eight brand new episodes. Written by Scott Rosenbaum and Yves Simoneau, the story continues as the Resistance recruits a dangerous new member, Ryan is concerned with Val’s unusual pregnancy, Anna ponders Chad’s plan of action about his aneurysm, and Erica is in danger at home. And don’t forget to watch the latest official V podcast, as host Scott Wolf reveals the design of the mother ship and Executive Producer Rosenbaum sets the stage for the return of V.

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