When Movies Fit into the Real World: A Gallery

Hopefully the picture above gives you an indication of what these photos are all about.   A photographer by the name of Francois Dourlen has a pretty awesome hobby.   He’ll take real world photos and then with his phone he’ll find a scene, any scene that can replace a particular element in a picture and then create an entirely new photo.  For this particular set of pictures I’ve focused on the ones he mixed with movies and TV.

As you can see in the photo above he replaced the back of a car window with that of Jim Carrey as a limo driver in Dumb and Dumber.  Notice the precision here as well.  He’s made the dimensions nearly perfect and all of the parts are pretty close if not exactly lining up.

I can’t imagine how long it must take to do these.  You have to come up with a perfect match every single time.   Incredibly, Francis has over 809 posts on his Instagram account that has amassed over 100K followers.  Below you’ll find 20 selections all having to do with movies or television:



The Simpsons

The Aristocats


Dragon Ball Z

Finding Nemo



Super Mario Brothers


Lord of the Rings

Lady and the Tramp

The Lion King




Edward Scissorhands

Dumber and Dumber


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