If You Liked “John Wick” Here are Five Movies You Should See

If you’re a fan of John Wick then it’s likely that you enjoy a good revenge movie where the killer or the person seeking their revenge, or both, are highly skilled and are seriously motivated when it comes to getting their payback. There a great many movies like this out there both in the past and present, and each one of them would be able to satisfy your penchant for a good revenge story. Some of them are a little older and others are the type of movies that make you root for the bad guy, but that’s perfectly okay since they’re the ones that are the main focus of the story. Sometimes it takes a person whose morals are little looser to get the job done. Sometimes the good guys don’t have the stomach for what it takes to bring real justice to the bad guys.

If you liked John Wick then you should love some of these movies. Sometimes it takes being worse than the bad guy to get things handled.

5. High Plains Drifter

When a drifter comes riding into town the local folks don’t think much of him at first. He’s dirty, he’s dingy, he’s just in from the long path that leads into the wilderness, and so therefore he’s an oddity and nothing else. But when he takes out the three toughs that had been hired to solve the mining company’s main problem, namely three criminals that are coming back to Lago to settle a few scores, he becomes their uncertain savior. After turning the town upside down and painting it red to resemble the very gates of hell the drifter lets the criminals have their way, right up until he gets his revenge.

4. Machete

Of course a good revenge flick involves the protagonist losing everything and everyone that meant something to him. It makes them meaner, more likely to snap, and definitely more capable of getting back up on the hog, yes he rides a hog with a minigun in this one, and start blasting away at anything that moves. Danny Trejo has been known as the villain for so long that it’s inconceivable to think that he’d be the smiling, carefree good guy. Of course he’s got to be the tough, grizzled vigilante that uses every method he knows and every weapon he can find to tear his enemies apart. You expected something different?

3. Payback

The loss is there, but getting shot in the back by your own wife is just harsh, even if you were dating another woman on the side. Thankfully Porter didn’t take his revenge on his wife, she had her own issues and punched her own ticket early on in the movie with a lethal dose of heroin. But when he got to the others that had wronged him, and of course those that stood in his way, he didn’t hesitate to make it known that he wasn’t playing around. It takes a lot of moxie to simply walk into a syndicate and start popping their top guys while trying to get your money back. But hey, this is Mel Gibson we’re talking about, moxie is almost his middle name.

2. Death Wish

A lot of people still prefer the original Death Wish to this one but the point of the story is still there even if it’s been updated. A man that has no earthly business being a vigilante goes out and does what the cops either won’t or can’t do by taking down the men that killed his wife. He isn’t kind about it either and the fact that he’s a doctor means that he knows how to dish out some pain simply because he knows where to hit. The only thing hampering him, at least in the beginning, is that he’s not much of a marksman and doesn’t really understand how guns work, which is how he hurts his hand in the first encounter.

1. Man on Fire

Never go up against a person whose profession is dealing death to others. And never, NEVER go up against a person after they’ve been given a new lease on life by a child that they’re protecting. Creasy took Pita’s kidnapping and apparent death to heart in such a way that he immediately took the war to the same man that decided to ruin the one thing in his life that had brought him back from the brink. Pita showed him it was okay to live again, and the kidnappers foolishly took that away. It was only matter of time before the fuse was lit, but unfortunately for all those involved Creasy’s fuse burned for a long and torturous time before he finally exploded, and all those that were sitting too close got seriously burned by that simmering rage that was just scary to watch.

There’s plenty to enjoy as you sit and anticipate the next John Wick movie.

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