10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Wedding Crashers”

It was a movie that made your eyes widen and your jaw drop when you realized just how much nerve anyone would have to possess to crash a wedding in such ridiculous and convincing style. On the other hand it was hilarious to think that no one would bother to figure out that these two had nothing to do with the wedding and were there for the free food and drinks. The mere fact that something like this could conceivably happen is kind of disturbing but it’s also just jaw-dropping to think that anyone would. Of all the reasons a person could think of there really aren’t any good ones, but at least the movie was hilarious.

Here are a few things you might not have known about it though.

10. The main idea began with a wedding invite.

What kicked off the whole idea was a wedding invitation that the director got from a friend. This inspired him to start thinking about his college days and how he and his friend used to crash weddings.

9. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn changed a lot of the script.

Neither actor really cared for the script the way it was so they were given leave to change the parts that didn’t make sense to them, within reason.

8. Jane Seymour beat out Raquel Welch for her part.

This was Seymour’s first ever topless scene as well.

7. Rachel McAdams was just one of hundreds of young women that tried out for the part of Claire.

The part of Claire was almost cast after a grueling search when McAdams showed up and auditioned. Her appearance was what decided the director on her inclusion.

6. Isla Fisher watched a couple of thrillers before taking on her role. 

She watched Fatal Attraction and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, so she got the crazy nutcase stalker part down pretty well.

5. The opening montage of weddings took about a week to film.

This managed to set up the depravity and fun, carefree nature of the two leads as they continued to go from one wedding to another. It also started the arc for John’s development.

4. The film used a wedding consultant to add authenticity.

The consultant actually admitted that it is very difficult to stop people from crashing weddings. You would think with a well-defined guest list it might be a little easier but the truth is that people that know how can crash a wedding with relative ease.

3. Owen Wilson came up with some of the dialogue.

It wasn’t ad-libbed but it was an idea that Wilson managed to inspire the director with. Not long after he mentioned it the director wanted to film the necessary scene that would be impacted again.

2. John McCain had a brief cameo.

McCain got in a bit of trouble for his cameo since he’d been working to halt the marketing of R-rated movies to kids, and here he was popping up in one.

1. There was almost a sequel.

The sequel had an idea to pit the guys and girls against a professional wedding crasher, who would have been played by Daniel Craig. Obviously it never went anywhere.

Did you happen to know any of these facts?


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