The Bizarre Inspirations Behind Star Wars Movie Characters

Have you ever wondered where the bizarre inspirations for Star Wars characters and the settings came from? Cracked has found a few good ideas and I thought I’d expand on them to give you a more in-depth look at some of the more unique and less understood aspects of Star Wars. Some things you just can’t fully understand until you see them side by side with their inspiration and even then it becomes a bit of a head-scratching moment since you have to wonder how the creator drew such an interesting parallel between one thing and the other.

So here are a few inspirations that managed to make an impact on one of the greatest franchises ever created.

Photos via Cracked

Maybe fans can look at this and calm down when they realize there wasn’t anything racially motivated about everyone’s least favorite gungan. Seriously, this guy has taken a lot of heat for a lot of different things that could have been avoided had people known about this.

So it’s not exactly the same design and look but it’s the same setup. You walk into a bar, the band is playing, there are a lot of colorful characters sitting or standing around enjoying themselves. It’s very easy to draw a parallel from this to the cantina in Star Wars. It was a cozy little spot where shady deals could be done and people tended to mind their own business.

That would explain the shape and the wings to be honest. So the X-Wing was kind of just a giant dart that was aimed at a circle in space called the Death Star. That makes it seem like the most cutthroat game of darts in the universe doesn’t it?

Such goggles were usually used to filter the light as much as possible in order to avoid going snowblind when the sun was out and became highly reflective from the icy terrain that the Inuit had to deal with at times. It would make sense that troopers in the movie would be afforded the same protection when on various planets.

I would say that he was wise for listening to his solicitous feline but having learned that he was also on an LSD trip leaves me thinking that he could have just as well had a nightmare about an eggplant with teeth coming to get him if things had been different. Was there ANYONE not doing drugs back in those days?

I wonder if Mrs. Gilbert had the same dry and witty sense of humor as Maz. She might have been a very straightforward and no-nonsense type as well if she inspired Abrams to create Maz Kanata after her. Those are the kinds of teachers I miss to tell the truth.

She’s shiny, that’s for certain, but at least she doesn’t have a bunch of poking, prodding things that come shooting out of her armor. That might be kind of creepy.

That’s either really cool or a level of hubris that’s still kind of impressive since it became a lasting impression.

Fans shouldn’t really be confused by this if they’ve read the Clone Commando stories. They’ll have learned that a lot of clone had designated nicknames. Even if you watched The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network you’d learn this. Remember Rex, the clone that worked with Anakin and Ahsoka?

There must have been a lot inspiration flying around back in those days. That kind of thing needs to start happening again.

This is one way that they get their names for the Star Wars characters. There are a few others that are a little more complicated.

Just imagine if old Abe started to lean forward and warn of an awakening in the Force. How many people would run and how many would stand there wetting themselves?

There’s never a lack for inspiration, one just has to know where to look.

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