In Case You Wanted to See Mary Poppins but Starring Yondu

Just in case you wanted to see what Mary Poppins would really be like starring Yondu, the clip below might give you a pretty good idea. The blue-skinned alien would no doubt be a terror for the Banks’ at first but he could have been a lot of fun eventually, in a very destructive and somewhat disruptive sort of way. The one line in Guardian’s of the Galaxy vol. 2 has inspired this little mind trip of a mashup that’s actually kind of funny. Just imagining Yondu in a prim and proper setting brings to mind the image of a big, mean sewer rat tromping its way into high society in order to shake things up a bit. Now that’s an image that might fit with this clip.

Let’s face facts, Yondu is kind of a rough and tumble sort. He doesn’t have what a lot of people would call good manners and he lives by the skin of his misshapen teeth more often than not. That’s a far cry from what his origins were like way back in the day but it seems to translate well to this time and place.  Like it or not fans, he’s been changed around quite a bit since his first inclusion into the Marvel universe. In fact the original Guardians of the Galaxy, whether they’re still considered canon or not, were very different than those that we have now. Of course just like any group they’ve undergone changes to their roster and their look throughout the years.

But Yondu, once portrayed as a noble savage type, is now pretty much the street-fighting tough that’s gritty, grimy, and more likely to beat you down from a distance with his arrow than respect you as an enemy. That arrow after all is a pure killing machine that he uses for various purposes, such as his Mary Poppins impression. Do you get the feeling that if he’d known who Mary Poppins was that he might have growled at Quill instead of accepting the title?Still, it did lead up to a very pleasing bit of nostalgic humor for the audience and brought in this gem of a clip so it’s not really too bad.

After all a lot of people love these kind of mashups that take the current pop culture and mix it with what’s come before. It helps to bridge the gap between them sometimes and can be extremely funny. Keeping pop culture separated by the generation gaps that exist between now and then is something that a lot of people feel is important, but bringing them together can allow for a good bit of humor and a blending of something old with something new. Plus watching Yondu bark orders at the Banks’ would be kind of amusing, particularly if he went after Mr. Banks, who seemed to need a kick in the rear to get moving sometimes.

So say what you want about Yondu and his Mary Poppins impression, it was appreciated by a lot of fans and thought to be extremely endearing.

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