Director Jon Krasinski Explains How Farts and Coughs Work in “A Quiet Place”

The title of the project is a literal exaggeration of the piece. A Quiet Place is meant to be quiet. If you don’t know yet, the basic plot of the story involves a family that must survive in silence, as they hide from a creature that hunts primarily by sound. It’s a project that many people might not consider associating with the movie’s star/director Jon Krasinski. Krasinski also stars in the film alongside his real-life spouse, Emily Blunt

After learning more about the film, we get the association to Krasinski because it’s actually a brilliant and creative thought. There are so many things that this film has got going for it, and the silence is one of the best. It’s hard to imagine a futuristic world where people live in so much fear from having most of the population wiped out by alien creatures that listen for the slightest sounds. You can’t help but think about scenarios on when this might be most difficult to handle if it were in real life.

What if someone needed to cough? What if someone needed to fart?

These are natural thoughts that come about, and apparently, they were thoughts that were discussed on set as well. According to Krasinski, it was one of their discussions on set. The questions make absolute sense. If these aliens are looking for you from the sounds that you make, you better not make any sounds that will give you away. It’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to our body’s involuntary responses such as farts and coughs. So when Noah Jupe, one of the film’s youngest actors, actually asked the question, Krasinski had a response at hand, “Well you guys would know to pick up a pillow and cough into a pillow.” Citizens of Earth in 2020 must always have pillows on hand for moments like this because it can literally save lives.

While the solution may not be as fashionable as someone might think for the future, it’s very realistic and very human. All of it just goes to show how much detail work goes into films, and the building of entire worlds involves a lot of thought and reflection. It’s definitely something that we can appreciate from Krasinski. Of course, this is just one small part of the film’s vision, but it’ll be interesting to see if any of it actually makes it onto the film. Will we see someone needing to pass gas and having to muffle the sounds of release with a pillow? It’ll probably be a nice comedic relief for something that seems like quite a scary ordeal. It’s an ironic thought that a human’s very own body is what will end up killing him or her in the future.

A Quiet Place is currently showing in theaters nationwide. We suggest you keep from farting during the film lest one of these creatures jump out from the screen to attack you. You also don’t want to offend whoever was sitting behind you.

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