Elizabeth Berkley Talks about “Showgirls” at 20th Anniversary Screening

Elizabeth Berkley still looks pretty good after all this time and is still kind of psyched to talk about Showgirls for its 20th screening. She seems pretty pumped about this screening but honestly it still doesn’t seem like the film really deserved to be this recognized. Almost every movie in history has its share of fans however, and this one is no different. I know that a lot of adolescent boys went to see this because of Berkley and Gina Gershon, not because of their acting talent but because of, yeah, that. Berkley talks about how this film was shamed, and it was for the sexual content that it displayed, that’s for sure. But it wasn’t just shamed for the sex, it was shamed as well because it simply wasn’t that great.

Those people that enjoy the movie, to each their own and if you liked it then so be it. But being as it this is all a matter of opinion Showgirls was kind of a flop when it came to the acting talent. Berkley might have grown and developed since then but her acting at that point was so manic that it was almost hard to watch. The whole plot and premise of the film was something that could have really come out as something great, but the film was mishandled in a way that didn’t have a lot of saving grace. The fact that people loved it for the content is kind of confusing, in fact it’s a quandary that deserves a lot more time than this article will give. The acting, the movie itself, the settings, the overall quality of the film, all of it just seems to have become a hot mess that people have forgiven for years and years now in a way that defies expectations and makes those who love good films go cross-eyed trying to figure it out.

Does anyone even notice how over the top Berkley’s acting is? She gets ticked off and aggressive every few minutes it seems and throws a fit over the dumbest things. Plus her character gets away with this kind of behavior and others enable her without even thinking to call her on it. In the real world a stripper would be out on her butt in a heartbeat if she didn’t show up to work, wasn’t in the mood to take certain gestures from her customers, and stormed off the stage without even giving a reason why. And I’m not sure about all strip clubs because there are rumors and urban legends that say otherwise, but a lot of them don’t all the woman to get totally naked and grind on the guy until, well, you know. Maybe it’s different in Vegas, but I couldn’t tell you and I highly doubt that this flick is something indicative of how a real strip club is operated.

So to all those that love this film, enjoy. But otherwise this movie didn’t make a lot of sense and really focused more on the sexuality of the women than the positive message Berkley thinks it did.

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