Five Classic Movie Scenes That Take Place in the Stands at Football Games

Let’s face it, football movies are powered by the action and not by anything else that’s happening on or off the field. It’s a known fact that when people attend a football movie that they’ll put up with the drama and the story and be entertained by the lives of the athletes beyond the field, but when it’s time to play it’s time to play. The scenes in the stands at football games aren’t always as widely accepted but they’re still there to drive the story because in some movies the football game is kind of just a big prop to be used as needed.

Here are a few movies in which the action in the stands is just as entertaining as it is on the field.

5. When Harry Met Sally

So let’s face it, When Harry Met Sally is a romance, not a football movie. But when you’re at a stadium and the crowd does the wave then you stand up and join in. It’s not cool to be the guys that sit down when the wave is passing over the stands, it’s like being the proverbial stick in the mud that refuses to have fun. Even if you’re not into it stand up and wave your arms.

4. Rudy

Imagine the level of pride a family would feel towards their son as they watched him run out onto the field when in the eyes of so many he had no business being there in the first place. Just imagine what it would feel like to know that your kid made their dreams come true because they wanted it that badly. That would be the definition of a proud parent.

3. Invincible

If you happen to know someone on the field, playing in the game, then you do whatever you can to get your butt in that seat and cheer them on, even if you’re not a fan of their team. That’s about what it would take to get a Giants fan to root for the Eagles since the two are such bitter rivals and have been for years. If nothing else it means that you love your friend more than anything to cheer for a rival team.

2. The Blind Side

Don’t talk about someone else’s kid in the stands, not ever. And definitely close your mouth if that other person’s kid manages to put your kid to shame. While the story of Michael Oher has been glamorized and played up beyond belief the movie itself it still very touching and displays a level of heart that’s nothing short of inspiring.

1. Waterboy

This just had to be added, it HAD to be. Any clip with Clint Howard in it almost begs to be played and replayed until you finally get sick of looking at his crooked grin and bald head, which is almost never. The part he plays in this movie is so crazy and out there that it’s fair to say that he’s actually one of the most talented actors.

See? Football movies aren’t just about the game.


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