Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong about Lawyers

I do wish I could say that movies get lawyers right one hundred percent but the truth is that they get a lot of things wrong. The reason, well one of them anyway, for this is pretty easy to explain. Not a lot of people like lawyers in theory, but a lot of people will want one if they ever get in serious trouble. When you watch a movie or a TV show however you can’t help but loathe the defense attorney’s that have to defend the true scum of humanity that seem to have no remorse for their actions. But those portrayals are mostly drama and not a lot of reality. Lawyers might seem like parasites that have no conscience and no soul at times but they are a big part of our legal system and besides, not all of them are out to just get what they can in terms of money and influence.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a good lawyer.

5. Lawyers do have a personal life.

It’s a rough job being a lawyer. They pull long hours and have to go over cases and evidence and everything under the sun to make sure that they’re ready for their next case. This can make some people into workaholics but many of them happen to love what they do and are also able to manage their home life with their working life. They might miss a few things, but not as much as you would think.

4. Lawyers are more ambitious than arrogant.

In movies you might notice the lack of humility with a lot of lawyers that comes off as an arrogant manner that tells people they know everything and can’t be bothered with anything that isn’t of the utmost importance. The truth is that lawyers know that justice can swing either way. This makes them ambitious in their desire to see justice done and often enables them to do whatever it takes, within legal limits, to make their case in court.

3. Being a lawyer is not an easy job.

You might see a lawyer in the movies walk into a courtroom and proceed to argue their case against the defense in a manner that seems very convincing and very effortless. This is not the case, and that thin illusion wipes away easily when you consider how much time a lawyer must put into their argument and how uncertain they will still be during the trial if they are not adequately prepared.

2. Lawyers are intelligent, they are not geniuses. 

Anyone that steps into a courtroom to defend their client needs to have a wide and exceptionally deep knowledge base to understand what’s going on and what they’re about to get into. Lawyers that know next to nothing don’t last in this business. Most lawyers aren’t geniuses, they’re just well-learned and know how to stick to the facts.

1. Lawyers will typically be assertive, not aggressive.

If you see a lawyer raising their voice and yelling at a person in court then you’re watching a movie. In real life lawyers will be asked to tone it down if they get too loud. Assertiveness is a lot different than aggression, as it is the means by which a good lawyer will pursue the facts pertaining to the case and in some cases seem like a bully when really they’re trying to get the whole story.

Lawyers aren’t always the villains they’re made out to be.

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