Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong about Weddings

Weddings are usually supposed to be a very blessed event in which two consenting adults who love each other very much decide to exchange vows, rings, and the declaration of their feelings for one another. However in the movies things tend to be a little more complicated than that and often times you might see a lot of stuff added in that isn’t exactly possible or even allowable in the real world either by the laws of physics or because societal norms just wouldn’t allow it to go unchallenged. In any case, movies tend to make weddings a lot more dramatic and over the top in favor of putting on a good show.

If normal weddings were anything like the movies, well, not much would change really.

5. Weddings are a good place to work out your issues.

One good example of this is the film Wedding Crashers in which Owen Wilson is trying to talk to Rachel McAdams as his best friend is trying to get married. Eventually McAdams tries to walk away but Wilson convinces her of his genuine love and they end up kissing. If that did happen and his friend did lay out Rachel’s boyfriend with a single punch then it’s more than likely that the wedding would be derailed.

4. Weddings are a good place to do business.

In the movies, yes, it would seem so. The Godfather and Tommy Boy have proven that this is a great plot device to work from and a more than acceptable tradition that isn’t all that intrusive and can be handled while people are having a good time. But in real life the bride would likely wonder where her husband or father have gone to if they were off conducting business. It’s a celebration, no shop talk.

3. The parents of the bride will pay for everything.

That used to be the case and it still is at times but in this day and age when everything costs so much for a wedding and the gown itself can cost upwards of thousands upon thousands of dollars it’s best if the bride and groom start setting aside money of their own to pay for some expenses. Unless a person has a rich and very generous family they need to pay for some stuff out of pocket.

2. There has to be an elaborate cake.

In the movies you always see a cake that looks like it came right off the set of Cake Boss or from someone just as skilled if not more so. In reality cakes are a big deal, mostly to the bride, but are often dialed down as much as possible depending on the cost and the ceremony. Keep in mind that a lot of people that have been married more than once don’t need a big, garish cake reminding them that their life is going to change, again.

1. The bride will freak out if things don’t go her way. 

This is a big YES and it’s also a no. It all depends on the bride and her attitude towards the marriage. Some of them micro-manage their weddings while others tend to go with the flow and let things fall as they may. But one thing that is wise for the spouse to be in movies or reality, let the person that’s fully invested in the marriage details have their way, or the honeymoon will be a long and chilly night.

Marriages are great, but on film they have a shiny veneer that reality doesn’t always possess.

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