The Five Worst Sylvester Stallone Movie Roles of His Career

When talking about Sylvester Stallone’s worst movies I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be adding in Oscar. Why? The reason’s pretty simple, it was funny and he poked a lot of fun at himself in the role so it’s not up for debate. It was campy as all get out to be sure but it was still a fun and engaging movie that didn’t deserve to be on this list so quite honestly I couldn’t in good conscience do it. That being said, Stallone has put up a few stinkers in his career, some of which went on to become favorites later on thanks to time and the fact that people tend to grow fonder of something once they see it a few times even after saying they hate it. Yep, this goes for the Rocky and Rambo movies, which in some instances were pretty hokey, but over time have become a nostalgic favorite of many.

These others though, yeesh.

5. Demolition Man-John Spartan

Good idea, poor execution on this one. Demolition Man was basically a nickname for John Spartan that was used once and then discarded. And more to the point, the bad guy he’s after wasn’t much to deal with when they first tangled, but once they’re reanimated Wesley Snipes is supercharged and over the top while Stallone is kind of like ‘meh’.

4. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!-Joe Bomowski

Estelle Getty seems like the real star in this film since Stallone is kind of just there. He’s the poor guy that has to deal with his mom while he’s on the job and when he’s off. Tell me that wouldn’t bother a police detective trying to do their job. The worst part would be the fact that she takes her pictures with her wherever she goes and can display them on demand.

3. Judge Dredd-Judge Dredd

I am…the LAW! Drop…your weapons! Okay, I like Stallone, I do honestly and truly, but it was almost like he got lost in the middle of each sentence, or was trying to pull a really bad William Shatner impersonation. This character was so horribly over the top that he actually made the comic book version look like a calm and reasonable guy. The weapons were kind of cool though.

2. Cobra-Marion Cobretti

This whole tough, rogue cop thing got way out of hand before people started getting tired of it. He’s bad, he’s tough, and he doesn’t conform to the norms of society or the police force that pays him. Guess what, neither did a lot of tough guys playing detective back then. As now they’d all be given psych evaluations that only a fraction of them would pass.

1. Daylight-Kit Latura

It’s like the worst case scenario that could ever happen beneath the Hudson River. One even turns into two events, then two events become an accident of such horrifying proportions that there’s no denying that we now have a disaster movie in which only one man can save the day. Enter Kit Latura, who just happens to be there when the stuff hits the fan. And of course, only he could get the people stuck inside to safety.

Like I said, I like Stallone, but sometimes he picks some less than stellar roles.

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