Here’s Every time Joe Pesci says “OK” in the Lethal Weapon Movies

Did you have any idea that Joe Pesci managed to say the simple word ‘OK’ about 92 times in three films? From Lethal Weapon 2 to Lethal Weapon 4 he said ‘OK’ at least 276 times, which is insane to think about. It’s even worse when you get the idea that someone watched the movies long enough to figure this out. I’d say it was in lieu of his other more colorful language that’s been noticed in movies like Goodfellas and Casino but he still managed to get some vulgarity in there as well along with all the “OK’s”. If his part had been bigger you can just imagine that he might have added in a hundred more and a lot more expletives than he was allowed.

As a character in the last three Lethal Weapon movies Pesci was more like comic relief than anything since Leo Getz was an angry little guy but he wasn’t really aggressive like Nicky from Casino or Tommy from Goodfellas. To be honest he wasn’t even as forceful as Harry from Home Alone. He had a big mouth and a bad attitude but was essentially a coward most times. He had a big heart though as you find out at the end since he turned out to be a pretty good friend. Well, a friend at least.

Leo is the kind of guy in a movie that you keep around for some reason but you don’t know why until it’s revealed. In the second movie he was a witness that was supposed to be protected, while in the third he became the real estate agent that had connections. In the fourth he was a private investigator that really had no more use for the guys except for as a diversion and a constant annoyance. So why would they keep him then? I’m going to guess because the fans liked him and because he still fit into the story.  It does make a strange kind of sense considering that he’d already been around for two movies so there was really no need to eliminate him or chase him off. Plus he was kind of a permanent fixture that point, another character that was allowed to develop right along with Riggs and Murtaugh.

And the ‘OK’ seems like it was more of a nervous twitch since he was so willing to back down most times when anyone challenged him. Instead of just going quiet or vehemently defending himself the ‘OK’ became more of a shield to buffer him from anyone else and give him a nice cushion that people wouldn’t bother barging through if he threw it up quickly and without cease. It has to be one of the most annoying character quirks ever but it definitely worked at times since people just kind of faded off once he threw his hands up and started in with it. Really, would you want to keep talking when he kept repeating himself like a deranged parrot? It was strange quirk to have but it kind of made Leo into a better character.

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