Are We Ever Going to See a “Horrible Bosses 3?”

In 2011 it was kind of a surprise to many that Horrible Bosses was such a big hit, but it was another surprise when Horrible Bosses 2 became another favorite of the fans. Sequels have a very short shelf life a lot of times and only a handful have ever gotten the kind of notice that the original did. Perhaps on some level however people figure that they can relate to the characters in these movies, aside from the consistent law-breaking and vendetta thing that embark upon. The movies did show situations that we’ve all been in once or twice in our lives and did depict the kind of bosses that were so just so horrible that they deserved the kind of comeuppance they received. But whether or not we’ll see a part 3 is still up in the air.

While we don’t know whether or not this will happen, here’s a few things to consider as to why it should.

Benedict Cumberbatch could be the next antagonist.

There’s no idea what role he might play but when Cumberbatch is involved you know it’s going to be interesting and even good in a way that defies the meaning of the word. There’s always the possibility of bringing Chris Pine back and perhaps with some measure or two they could bring Kevin Spacey into it, but Benedict seems to be who the original cast would like to see in the next movie, if there is one.

Julia is still very much there and it seems that she and Nick could develop something between them.

Julia is perhaps one of the worst bosses since she still seems to have a thing for Dale and even hints at doing something with his wife. But the fact that she and Nick hooked up should mean something, if only the beginning at least. The idea of Julia still being around Dale simply because of Nick would be an amusing plot point since it would carry over from the first movie and create a new kind of dynamic that might somehow mess with the friendship of Nick and Dale. It’s interesting to think of and could possibly be something that might be able to switch up a third movie just enough to keep it from being like the other two.

So far the film is a ‘maybe’.

Nothing is for certain when it comes to this film and the idea of making another one is appealing to the cast but all comes down to whether the studio thinks they can make some money off of it or not. There are other directions that the story can be taken in after all, they just need to be visited and ruminated over in order to see if they’re truly viable. The characters have enough depth that they shouldn’t be so easily discarded as irrelevant and the idea that they could keep some of the current story while moving on to a different facet of it might be something that gets explored. Right now the whole idea is just a hypothetical that could possibly become something if the writers were able to find a direction in which to take the story that audiences might not expect.

That’s one of the biggest tricks in the industry at this point, keeping things interesting enough and unpredictable enough that the ideas being rolled out haven’t been in a while and therefore are not quite as easy to predict. The formula that so many films take and build upon is something that has to change, but not so much that it ends up alienating the audience. People want to go to a movie and see a beginning, a conflict, a climax, a resolution, and a conclusion. These key ingredients to any film have been messed with in the past to disastrous results, but there is always the possibility of writing a story that incorporates all these elements without letting the audience seem them in such an obvious way.

This film could be something great just like the other two, but it would have to find a very different manner in which to present itself and might have to advance its own timeline several years into the future. What might happen to the guys and those they’re involved with is hard to tell, but at the very least things would change and the dynamics of their friendship might become altered just enough that they would have more than one struggle to deal with throughout the film. That alone would make it just interesting enough to watch, but the level of comedy that was in the first two films would have to be surpassed or at least matched for more people to really latch on and take notice. While the movie is a maybe so far, there are likely a lot of fans that are in agreement that this could be a good idea.

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