The Immortal Wisdom of John Hughes 80s Movies

John Hughes’ movies seemed to be filled with sage advice and wisdom beyond the years of the characters. A lot of high school kids today might find these quotes a bit cliche and even outdated, but back then, and yes even now, a lot of these passages are still pretty wise. You don’t normally look to a movie for wisdom, but now and again you can find a line that means a little more than the others.  So in honor of Hughes and all his fantastic creations, here are some quotes that should at the least, entertain you:

The idea that being bizarre is a bad thing is no longer an acceptable method of conformity. If you’re not bizarre in this world as of now in some way or another you tend to get lost in the shuffle.

The bold are kind of like those stars that burn the brightest and fade out the quickest at times, while the meek are the stars that tend to never shine but live an existence well removed from all others.

Sometimes pride and sense have to left to the side in an effort to let others know that no matter what they say or do to you, nothing is going to stand in the way of your next step forward.

Don’t look for the superficial and elegant when you have the reliable and determined staring you in the face. Reaching for the stars can cause you to trip over what you should be looking for in the first place.

It could be said to be a trait of the youth to seem this idealistic, but honestly it’s something that a lot of people strive for and tend to lose through the act of compromise as they get older and realize how hard it is to continually change the world without becoming what you originally stood against.

There’s no point forcing a belief upon a person as it will meet with little more than resentment and alienation. If they can’t believe in you then you need to move forward and keep your own beliefs intact.

If you want something bad enough you’ll learn how to immerse yourself in the idea. Those that sink only halfway into the idea of something are those that will never fully understand it.

Impress people by what you do and say as it pertains to your own experience. Whether they pay attention or not is up to them, not you.

The idea of an enemy is often worse than the actual enemy as an idea can never be reasoned with or overcome since it only grows stronger with your continued obsession.

It’s your life, take control of it and learn how to stand your ground. The moment you let others decide your course is the moment you’re lost.

It’s great to have fun, to party, and to enjoy your time with another person. But loving is a matter of giving as well as taking.

Anyone that demands something in return for their friendship is not a friend.

Pride is one of the all time worst enemies of any person, as it can destroy an individual quicker than a fist to the face.

Stop and pay attention for a moment every now and then, it’ll be worth the time spent.

Who knew John Hughes was such a visionary?


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