“The Incredibles” 2 Teases a Special Look During Olympics

Dash Parr will now be an Olympic skater. That’s right, the family from the hit movie The Incredibles is coming back in a sequel that will largely pick up right where the last one left off. Of course, there will be some appreciable differences, not the least of which involves Dash becoming an Olympic skater.

It really only makes sense to take the movie in this direction, especially when you stop and think about the fact that the movie is teasing its audience with new information during the Olympic Games. In fact, part of the commercial for the movie even features family members gathering around the television in order to watch the Games together, with one major difference. Their own son is actually participating. This serves as a nod to the Olympic Winter Games that are currently being played in China.

Many people that loved the first Incredibles movie have been anxiously awaiting the sequel, something they have had to wait quite a long time for. In fact, it has been 14 years since the previous movie was out in theaters. Although a sequel has been promised for a rather long time, many fans were starting to wonder if it would ever actually happen.

There was even more speculation after last week’s Super Bowl because a number of fans were thoroughly convinced that the movie would be premiered in a trailer during one of the many Super Bowl commercials. When that didn’t happen, they started to wonder what was going on. It turns out, those involved with movie simply wanted to wait until the Winter Olympics started in order to put more information about the sequel out there. This alleviates the concerns of fans a great deal, especially now that they know that the sequel will indeed happen and they even have a little information concerning at least some of the subject matter in the film.

Nobody really knows exactly what this film is going to be about, largely because the powers-that-be at Disney and Pixar have been rather tight-lipped about the whole project. One thing is certain though. You can bet that there will be some type of villain that the family will have to fight, along with some subplots that occur as the story unfolds.

The first movie was so popular because it was entertaining and because it had a great message. There is every reason to believe that this sequel will be just as good as the original, and some people even think it might be better. Of course, this will be up to the opinions of everyone that takes the time to watch it, as movies are subjective just like every other form of art.

If you enjoyed the first Incredibles movie, you are likely to enjoy this one and if you are one of the few people on the planet that have never seen the first movie, you really don’t know what you are missing. This is definitely a story that is worth seeing, for children and adults alike.

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