Here are Some Insane Film Genres You Had No Clue Existed

In the world of cinema it’s hard to believe we haven’t seen everything but it’s also easy to believe that there’s always something else to pop up now and again. Some of the more insane film genres that you’ve never heard of or even knew existed are those that tend to get overlooked more often than not simply because they’re so far out there that you couldn’t imagine that they were real. But honestly there’s a LOT of stuff out there that people don’t ever think could be real.

Here are just a few examples.

5. Red Westerns and Osterns

The biggest difference between a Red Western and an Ostern is the fact that one is seen as a western and the other as an eastern, which is basically how the Soviets created their western genre. Plus the Native Americans were usually the good guys, which showed that they were a little more progressive than their American counterparts. Plus, Americans were seen quite often a the bad guys so as to make them seem less like sympathetic characters and more like villains. Eventually this died out along with the Soviet Union however.

4. Luchadore Superhero movies

From the 50’s to the 70’s the Mexican film industry played with the idea of making Luchadores into superhero’s, taking their most famous wrestlers and giving them starring roles much as the WWE has done today. The threats they battled ranged from aliens to vampires to just about anything one could imagine. Eventually the genre kind of fizzled out since there was an untold number of movies made that dealt with every otherworldly threat that people could think of.

3. White people killing white people as Native Americans

The exploitation of Native Americans has gone on for a long, long time in America sadly and Hollywood decided to cash in whenever they could. Native Americans have been depicted as savages, villains, and just flat out evil so often that their cultural image took a serious blow for many years in the eyes of many. Even when the Native Americans eventually became the good guys they were often played by white people since as you know Hollywood can’t seem to get that much right when they really need to. There have been films with Native Americans in the last twenty to thirty years that finally learned to cast people from the right culture into these roles thankfully.

2. Italian Mondo Documentaries

Things seemed to be a lot crazier in the 60’s since Italian filmmakers, looking for a bigger thrill in their job than usual, went on over to African and other areas of the world to document the cultures and whatever unknown behaviors they saw. What they recorded was something that might make grown men and women lose their lunch in the modern day since it was pretty graphic. Needless to say this type of genre probably inspired some people and made others sick to their stomach.

1. Violent Ugundan action films

It just seemed like violence was the main thing in this area of the world and the only thing that people really understood fully. At the time this genre was popular Idi Amin was ruling the country. This seems to have meant that the directors of this time in this country felt that they needed to show the violence on a greater level so as get over the fact that their leader was quite bloodthirsty in his own way.

Feel free to scratch your head over that one.

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