“Justice League” Finally Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Fans of DC comics and the movies that have been made from them had to know this was coming, Honest Trailers seems intent on getting to ever film they possibly can and this one has been on the block since before it was even released. It was a sad event that forced Zack Snyder to step down from the movie, but you would have thought it would get better after that, especially when it came to being less of a dark film than Batman vs. Superman turned out to be. But, um, no, no that didn’t happen at all. Instead we got this burnt orange color to the battlefield, a bunch of heroes that mope and whine like teenagers, and a villain that’s just this side of ridiculous.

This has nothing to do with the fact that the MCU is outstripping the DCEU in almost every way. This film could have been something great as it pulled together some of the greatest superheroes that the DC universe has ever known. In fact you could say that they pulled the cream of the crop as some of these members were the originals from the comics. As a matter of fact Cyborg is the only one that wasn’t an original member. One can’t help but think that taking away Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter, two original members, was something of a mistake since they could have added a bit more to the movie that might have made it reach a new level of development that could have elevated it well into the running for competition with the MCU. Their omission aside though the entire thing just seemed like a CGI nightmare that was impressive at some moments and kind of ridiculous at others.

Henry Cavill’s mustache for instance. This was one of the biggest controversies about the movie and something that only the most forgiving fans could possibly ignore. There are actual clips on YouTube where people have shown just how easily removing the mustache from the character could have gone without using CGI to cover up for it, yet I do believe that there’s more to it than that. However we’re talking about film-quality effects that at the Hollywood level should be able to do something other than replace his mouth with something that looks like it was transplanted from someone else’s face. Henry Cavill’s eyes and his mouth don’t ever seem to be in sync throughout the entire movie, and his lips moving on their own without affecting his cheeks is just a creepy look that didn’t help.

Added onto that is the fact that the characters didn’t get a whole lot of development going into this. There were brief backstories that never got fully revealed, though only Batman and Wonder Woman really didn’t need them. The audience got a slim rundown of the characters and what was going on in their lives, and almost nothing of what had gone into their creation or the development of their abilities. Being told how they became superheroes isn’t quite enough. At least we’ll be getting an Aquaman film eventually, that should take care of one of them.

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