Kingsman: The Golden Circle Final Trailer

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is going to be coming out soon and the final trailer kind of looks like something you’d expect from the old Resident Evil commercials. The villain is telling you in the most polite way possible that their quest for world domination is going to come as a result of the world’s current leader being to inept to stop them. If someone ever found reason to do something like this would that be too far off the mark, or would it be right on the money?

It’s kind of amusing that in Kingsman, both movies, the English spy school and their headquarters are sequestered in obvious locations that are still well hidden from  the general public. In this next movie however it would appear that the Statesmen, their American cousins so to speak, are not nearly as covert as the Kingsmen. In short the movie seems poised to insinuate that where the English are far more low-key and refined, Americans are loud, brash, and ready to show just how rough and tough they can be without holding anything back.

That seems to be the stereotype of Americans when portraying them next to anything English, and while some people might agree others would definitely take a different tact. Granted it’s a movie and therefore it’s fantasy, so the English attitude about perfection in all things isn’t quite as real as it could be. Yet for all that there seems to be an idea floating around that the English might think they’re a bit superior to Americans, the ‘wayward colonies’ as our nation might be thought of at times.

Despite being a firmly established nation it is very true that America is far younger than most countries and thus is still thought of as the least developed. That’s kind of funny really. Some in England are still under the idea that America owes much of its independence and current role in the world to its originator and those that dared to defy the king at one point and time. It’s easy enough to say that yes, without those who stood up for a country of their own where they wouldn’t be ruled at the whims of a monarch that could change the rules whenever he liked, we might not be here. But anything and everything that’s come after has been largely thanks to America and its continued dealings with the world.

Ah but I’m getting off track. Kingsman: The Golden Circle isn’t about England vs. America, as this is an argument that could go on for days at least. Instead the movie shows that it’s time for the English and the Americans to team up so as to insure that the drug cartel that is bound to kill all of them and institute a wave of terror against the world does not succeed.

It’s going to be another action-filled adventure for the Kingsmen as they join the Statesmen in bringing down this nefarious plot and begin to rebuild the Kingsmen in their home country.


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