What Would Be the Story if Mace Windu Were Still Alive?

Have you ever wondered how it may have changed the Star Wars story if Mace Windu were still alive? Samuel L. Jackson made an impressive Jedi and he seemed to have such wisdom and intention that it was a total shock to see him done in by a wayward Paduan with a screwed up sense of priorities, who turned the tables and allowed the Emperor to throw him out the window to his death. It was almost insulting that the whippersnapper and the hideously disfigured Darth Sidious got the dub one one of the Jedi order’s finest. It was a tragedy that none of us enjoyed watching, much like losing one of your last elders, but the story moved on. Star Wars theorists have long mused about the question and there are even suggestions that Mace Windu could be brought back.

From the mouth of Samuel L. Jackson

It was Samuel L. Jackson who first suggested that there was a possibility that Mace Windu wasn’t dead after the horrible fight scene with the dark side. George Lucas himself didn’t seem to have a problem with that. It would have made an interesting new chapter if it was proven that he had somehow lived. When you’re dealing with the Force, there seems to be a nearly limitless end to the possibilities and the different directions you could take a story line.

A new chapter would be phenomenal

With George Lucas and Samuel L. Jackson in agreement that Mace Windu could have lived, there was fodder for an amazing new chapter. Sadly, Lucas is no longer in charge of calling the shots. We’ll never know what might have been because Lucasfilm has already given the Star Wars Universe wholly to Disney.

Where could Windu be featured in upcoming episodes?

Although the likelihood of ever seeing Mace Windu again in upcoming episodes of Star Wars, there are a few scenarios where he would fit in perfectly, and his inclusion would make perfect sense. We have the perfect opportunity with Rey. It doesn’t really matter what explanation has previously been given for her existence, although it’s sounding a lot like she’s somewhat of a spontaneous combustion of midioclorians at this point. It’s entirely possible to write Windu in as her father, or possibly even as her grandfather. It’s the world of cinema and anything is possible. There have already been quite a few unexpected twists in the canon, and we must say, some of them have been just a little too non-climactic to satisfy a cross section of the audience of fans.

The Snoke theory

It would also be possible to resurrect Windu as Snoke, the mysterious Supreme leader. Sure, he’d be on the other side of the river from where he started, but we’ve seen Skywalker as a once heroic figure, taken the easy way out. He’s neither a hero nor a villain, but more like the middle of the road character that Han Solo attempted to remain. Had Windu survived, we imagine that as Snoke, he would have made a slow and bitter descent to the dark side, seeking revenge. It this was the case, it would explain how Snoke kows so much about the Empire and Darth Vader. Since nobody has a clue what Snoke looks like, it’s feasible that a scarred and broken Samuel L. Jackson could emerge to give viewers an exciting new thrill. We’re sure that it would be a great aesthetic and it would definitely add climax, making up for the areas in which it was sadly lacking.

What are the odds of this happening?

From the looks of things as they stand now, it’s not likely that Mace Windu will become anything other than the Jedi Master who died at the betraying hands of a confused young Annikin Skywalker on his path to the dark side. If Windu had survived, he certainly would have made an appearance somewhere by now. Although some still wonder if he is in fact Snoke, most are not allowing themselves to believe it, and nobody in a position of knowledge is dropping any hint of it. It’s a nice thought and a popular muse, but we must resign ourselves to the fact that the only place Mace Windu exists is within the realm of the Force.

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