What Many Consider to be the Worst Movies of 2017

Those movies that many people consider the worse of 2017 are a highly subjective bunch with only a few thrown in for controversial reasons since critics are typically those that have nothing to lose by throwing a movie under the bus now and again, and again, and again. Yeah, I said it, critics risk next to nothing by slamming a movie they don’t like simply because it’s a matter of their opinion. And what’s worse is that people tend to follow those critics rather than making up their own minds. So honestly, some of these movies on the list were in fact duds, but if you liked them then don’t bother with the ratings given on Rotten Tomatoes or any other critic site. Make up your own mind if you decide to like or hate them.

Being paid to slam movies, man what a rough job. Note the intense sarcasm.

The Snowman

Honestly as a horror movie this didn’t look like much. It would seem that if CSI or NCIS could collect enough forensic data that they should be able to narrow down the killer and their whereabouts, proclivities, and profile pretty easily. Yes the killer is one sick puppy, but they don’t seem like some insane mastermind with a definite plan in mind.

The Bye Bye Man

First off the name doesn’t inspire a lot of horror really, and the idea that you can’t even think of him is even worse since obviously people are going to start thinking about something once somebody mentions it. That’s just human nature. Even if we don’t want to think about it our inquisitive minds already HAVE to know. Plus the visuals in this movie just seem to rely way too much on shadow as convenient cover instead of the dastardly things they’re hiding.


I’m not too sure why critics would call this laughless because I know that the theater I was in was in an uproar with laughter at this film. Sure it was a lot edgier and focused on a lot more slapstick humor and certain body parts than people might have expected, but look at what Baywatch was started as. This wasn’t meant to be like an episode, it was it’s own movie that was loosely based around the show.

Underworld: Blood Wars

Despite the opportunity to flesh out the rest of the story by creating more movies and showing how Selene and Michael ended up this just turned into a train wreck that upset a lot of fans since it went in a direction that no one could really follow. Plus if you ever played D&D or ascribed to the old horror flicks you’d know that a vampire could outmatch a werewolf pretty easily most of the time.

The Mummy

First they gave us Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and now this. Tom Cruise might have been thought capable of bringing back a classic but really all he did was help dig the hole a little deeper. My only one beef with this movie to be completely honest is that they tried to bring in Jekyll and Hyde in a way that made almost no sense and just kind of killed any lasting interest in the film.

Birth of the Dragon

I’ve heard it said that Bruce Lee did have kind of an attitude in his younger days but this kind of went over the top it seems. Other than that I didn’t think the movie was all that bad, especially the action scenes. It did seem to limit Bruce just a bit and indicate that he wasn’t completely stable at times. It wasn’t that bad but could have been handled better.


I was entirely skeptical of this one since I happened to like the original version. Seeing Keifer Sutherland in this version was a treat though I still didn’t think the lead character should have been killed off as she was. If there had never been a Flatliners before this movie then it might have been seen a bit more innovative. But while it wasn’t horrible, I thought, it still didn’t quite live up to the horror of the first movie.

It’s hard to really live up to a legend that’s already been set in place, as a lot of these films managed to show.

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