Nothing Explains Parenting Better than this Medley of Chris Farley Movie Scenes

I’m of the opinion that movies dramatize parenting to a degree that’s annoyingly unrealistic.  Whenever you see stuff about pregnancy and dealing with your little kids, it’s also just SO extreme.  I mean cut out the screaming and punching your husband during labor will ya? The reality is that if you’ve got a reasonable head on your shoulders you should be able to handle being a parent.  That said, there are certainly times you scream.  There are moments you want to rip your kids heads off.  It’s inevitable that when you’re on call 24/7 to be on your game as a caretaker for your kids that you’ll have moments that are less than ideal.

But like I said, I think movies (and comedians) take it to levels we rarely see as parents. However, when I came across this college of Chris Farley movie scenes that describe what it’s like to be a parent, I had to share it.  The clip begins at 6am which is the standard time parents who have little kids wake up.  While some of these scenes are over the top, it’s a decent look at what more than likely goes on in our heads over the course of a day.

Man do I miss Chris Farley.  Enjoy the clip below:



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