Will We Ever Get to See a “Ratatouille 2?”

If you’re looking desperately for a sequel to Ratatouille then you might be waiting for a while since it doesn’t seem like anything is forthcoming at this time. The Pixar/Disney film has been lauded as one of the funniest and cutest films in the roster but it’s also been subjected to a lot of criticism as well since some folks simply didn’t and still don’t like the innuendo and ‘adult’ situations that seem to pop up in Disney movies these days. It’s kind of regrettable to have to tell those same folks that adult situations have been popping up in Disney movies for a much longer time than they seem to think. Everything from Snow White, Bambi, and many of the older films on have dealt with adult themes that are softened and somehow made acceptable for children, sometimes without adults even realizing it. Ratatouille is perhaps one of the average films when it comes to such situations since much of it is quite harmless despite the content and as it is with many Disney and Pixar films the movie makes light of a lot of situations in order to allow children to know that while things do get serious there’s always a spot of hope on the horizon.

But really, don’t be hoping for another movie to come out any time soon.

Brad Bird, the creator of Ratatouille, has no interest in making another movie.

Consider the fact that he’s also the creator of The Incredibles, which has a sequel coming out very soon. It took him 14 years to bring that film to the public and it was largely because he didn’t want to do it. Fortunately there was more of a story with that film and a way to continue onward that would push another story and create a suitable background to work from. Ratatouille ended on a positive note and had everything wrapped up all nice and neat by the time it was done. Attempting to step into the next movie would mean that something might have to happen in order to upset the order that had been established to create such a happy ending. Given that Remy and Linguini had already gone through so much hardship to reach the level they were at by the end it seems kind of mean and even petty to assuage the fans’ desires by upsetting the way things turned out.

Bird wants to do something new and engaging instead of doing the same old thing.

Can you blame the guy? People tend to want to stay in their comfort zones and keep watching the same old thing. A lot of us are guilty of it, but not wanting to watch anything new seems like backwards thinking. Without allowing filmmakers to stretch their creative ideas and keep things interesting everything becomes just a different version of the same thing. Bird is more interested in creating something new and innovative rather than dragging up old material and trying to do something new with it. That’s easy to get behind really when you think about it, since new material is easier to get lost in as you try to figure out what’s going to happen and if the story is going to adhere to the common formulas or if it’s going to go off the rails and be its own entity. Ratatouille might have that propensity if things got really messed up, but doing that to the characters just doesn’t seem to be the best idea. Plus a sequel to this movie would almost have to go off in some strange and unknown direction that would take a lot of development and involve an entire team of writes that would have to agree on what course the story would take. It would be a mess to start with no doubt.

There are a lot of other ideas out there besides the same old thing.

Ratatouille is one of many favorite films that kids love to watch, but the ideas that exist for so many other films are so plentiful that sticking to one and trying to milk it for all it’s worth is getting to be a bit old. Disney has done this with some films but thankfully others it has left alone and not pressed the issue. Ratatouille needs to be one film that they should leave alone no matter what the fans want since digging into it again could only damage the story to be honest. There are just too many ideas out there that could be thought up and brought to mind to go rehashing the older stories for the sake of entertainment and because the creative team can’t seem to think of anything else. There are plenty of old legends, myths, and fables that Disney could get a hold of.

Maybe they just need enough people to keep sending in ideas. Or maybe they need to listen up finally.

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