A Scenario in Which a Paranormal Activity 7 Could Actually Happen

People who love horror movies should be familiar with the Paranormal Activity franchise, which started out in 2007 and continued running until 2015. In total, there were six movies released for the franchise, though the last two movie had subtitles rather than numbers. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Paranormal Activity franchise was a commercial success that brought in more than $889 million at the box office.

Will There Be a Paranormal Activity 7?

Based on this, some people might be curious whether there will be a Paranormal Activity 7. After all, each of the six movies made multiple times their production budgets, meaning that it seems logic for the people behind the franchise to continue making them so as to continue capitalizing on consumer interest. Certainly, Paranormal Activity 5 and 6 were slipping to slip, as shown by the fact that neither one of the two movies had managed to make more than $100 million at the box office. However, even the poorest performer managed to bring $78 million on a production budget of $10 million, meaning that it more than managed to make back its costs.

Regardless, the people behind the Paranormal Activity franchise have stated that they are not interested in making a Paranormal Activity 7. Curiously, this is because they like their fans a lot, which can sound counter-intuitive but makes a lot of sense when presented in full. In short, a lot of horror movie franchises continue making installments until consumer interest fades, thus resulting in unsatisfactory conclusions. After all, each installment has to leave room for a follow-up, meaning that unless the end of the franchise is blatant, its ending is going to have loose ends. This wasn’t what the people behind the Paranormal Activity franchise wanted, which is why they decided to give their franchise an ending with Paranormal Activity 7 so that their fans wouldn’t be left with an unresolved plot.

What Might a Paranormal Activity 7 Look Like?

With that said, the fact that there won’t be a Paranormal Activity 7 doesn’t mean that there won’t be a seventh Paranormal Activity movie. After all, while the plot of the first six movies has come to a conclusion, that doesn’t mean that the potential of the basic premise has been exhausted. In other words, while a follow-up is so improbable that it borders on the impossible, the chances of a reboot are much higher, though still far from being guaranteed at this point in time.

As for when a reboot might happen for the Paranormal Activity franchise, that remains to be seen. Generally speaking, it takes some time for a franchise to get a reboot, which is important because the sixth movie came out in 2015. As a result, it seems probable that Paranormal Activity fans who are hoping for a seventh movie will have some time to wait. With that said, there is one other issue in that a franchise needs sufficient interest from the fans if it is to get a reboot. It is hard to tell whether this will prove to be true for the Paranormal Activity franchise, but considering its numbers, it is not unreasonable to say that it has a fighting chance of getting a reboot perhaps 5 or 10 years down the road.

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