Here are Scenes From Paddington 2 With The Visual Effects Removed

Watching scenes from Paddington 2 with the visual effects removed is kind of different. You really get to see how the actors have to focus on a point in space or on something or someone other than the actual character in the movie. The actors and the camera usually need a visual guide to know just where Paddington is going to be in order to direct their gaze to that point so that they don’t seem as though they’re looking off into space when they’re supposed to be following the character. Even this seems like it would be tough though since you get the idea that their eyes have to be focused directly on the point where Paddington’s face would be so that it doesn’t come off as creepy or otherwise less than accurate.

There are also the other CGI effects that utilize the green screens and various additions to the movie that otherwise wouldn’t be as possible. If nothing else, the work that was done to make this film possible could have warranted the score it received on Rotten Tomatoes, but if that’s the case then many other movies should have been in the running for a perfect score as well. The critic site is perhaps one of the least efficient ways to really judge a movie, but going by how much was done to bring Paddington to life it should be deduced that the effort alone is what made this movie worthwhile. A lot of us can probably recall reading Paddington as children and growing up with the bear at various points in our lives. Some of us might have forgotten him just a bit in favor of the many other interests we had growing up, but Paddington has still been there all this time.

This story is one that is kind of touching but entertaining all the same as it sees Paddington being wrongfully imprisoned for something he didn’t do and made to act out of desperation when he feels the Browns have forgotten about him. The special effects and CGI are working overtime in this film as they attempt to bond the live action to the computer-generated images in a seamless way that allows the story to unfold without utterly confusing and confounding the audience. Once you watch the clip however you can get a much better idea of just how much work goes into it and how on point the actors and the animators have to be when it comes to integrating everything. To think that things used to be much simpler is kind of strange since many people growing up in this day and age find this normal and wouldn’t be able to really understand the dynamics behind old school animation unless they were given an in-depth tutorial or a master class on how it all used to work.

To think that anyone in the past might have seen these days coming isn’t hard to imagine. Those that are called odd and rather eccentric are usually those that can peer into the future and see at least a glimpse of what’s to come.

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